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Yes, this is my first Blog ever. Since I am constantly writing books and on-line classes in a very professional, researched and structured way, this is going to be a completely different experience writing impromptu to a general audience about anything going on my life.

First I should say that I have been in the middle of designing this new website, and if you are reading this, you are one of the first to see the site. While my older site is still quite good, I have been wanting to create several new things in my work that this website should give me the latitude or platform to do so.

The first is a series of teaching Webinars. Last summer I created an amazing new series of presentations that are collectively called GALACTIC ALIGNMENT. They focused on discovering what the actual science is behind the EARTH CHANGES that are going on all over your planet today, and how this is connected with the appearance of the planet Nibiru, the Anunnaki gods and the barrage of UFO sightings we have had going on for the past 50 years. It was a 9-week series and each evening lasted about 3 hours. So my hope is to break these visually stunning classes into some smaller 90 minute segments and teach them in a series of 4 at a time. So this is very exciting for everyone because  no matter where you live you will be able to get access to this knowledge, much of which is being generally with held by the mainstream media unless you really know how to find it.

The second reason that I redesigned my website is to allow people who want to study the Mysteries to do so at a distance. As many of you know I teach a Mystery School here in Atlanta and have for some 7 years. But since it is impossible for many people to travel here every 6 weeks or so, I have developed an on-line program of study, which of course, you’ll find on this website. So this was my second reason.

My third reason is presenting short audio and video segments that people can watch and listen to. You’ll find this under our MEDIA ROOM. While some of these can be found on YouTube, others cannot, particularly the Audio Short. The longer Audio recordings I am charging a minimal fee for, and with luck over the next several months I will begin to give you more of these. During one of my radio shows with George Noory’s fabulous program COAST TO COAST AM, I received a number of phone calls from people who were blind and who hoped that I would have audio CD’s of my work. So this is one of my many missions… to provide as much good information in easy to use formats as I can, for those who are hungry for truth and long to know more about who we are as Souls, where we come from, and where we are going.

These fundamental questions like at the base of each one of our lives, and are questions that are not generally discussed on the evening news. While both religion and science have been trying to answer these questions with often divergent approaches, the great Spiritual Mysteries found a way to honor both of these disciples and to bring this wisdom to their students and initiates in powerful and life changing ways. Perhaps this will be the subject of my next entry….

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