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2014 – The Year of the Horse


January 25, 2014



Greetings Everyone and Happy Holidays!
January 31st, 2014 begins the Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse, ending on February 18th of 2015.  

Year of the Horse - 2014The energy and stamina of the Horse ensures that new ventures will be a galloping success right out of the gate! So this will be a year of  “yang energy” and increased power for those who have planted seeds in 2013, the Year of the Snake. In 2014 the Horse will want room to run, so have big dreams worthy of a powerful steed and you’ll ride your way to success. The Year of the Horse is the 7th Year in a cycle of 12 signs, and is a year to get going with your many projects and to allow them to carry you to success.  It is a year that brings clear thinking, and the power to replace the old with the new. Dynamic, free spirited and volatile, all Horse Years are considered fortunate and bring good luck.  

 By tradition, the Year of the Horse is an optimistic time when people are more apt to work together in the spirit of community, while enabling independent ideas to  solve problems. Since the leading characteristic of the Horse is a spirit of freedom and independence, this is a year when our energy and stamina can ensure the success and realization of our personal goals.  Unbridled optimism and energy are hallmarks of Horse Years that can help people leap over old obstacles that have blocked them in the past.  Horse years are also associated with unpredictability, so anyone who can remain adaptable in these times of twisting changes will thrive. In business, success favors the energetic and quick-witted, and those who exhibit integrity with little care for the opinions of others.


2014 is poised to be a  very energetic year with many changes in the financial markets. March shows a highly volatile conjunction with Uranus close to Mars, both in the sign of Aries. Keep cool and vigilant. This is a good year to travel and there is also great opportunity to develop your spirituality.

Under a horse year there is no middle ground with conflicts. Rising oil, food costs and extreme weather will bring protests. The US will prosper economically, but will have continued trouble with guns. Western Europe may struggle politically and economically, however leadership changes in Southern Europe and the Middle East will help. The Far East and China will continue to boom, and China will begin to innovate rather than just to copy, but will have problems with natural disasters.


James Dean, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, Robin Wright Penn, Barbara Streisand, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Sean Connery, as well as Teddy Roosevelt, Rembrandt, Genghis Khan, Isaac Newton, and US Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Conner.

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