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Leaving for Damanhur Italy Spring 2014


Damanhur_Auguri2013-Open TempleHey Everyone, well I have been in the cave all Winter  writing a new book, so this is my first Blog in awhile. While I have a lot to say about the new book, which I am very excited about, as well as the Winter, right now I am excited about leaving tomorrow for a wonderful trip to the magical city of DAMANHUR, Italy. Our group will be gone about ten days, flying into Paris first, and then straight into Turin, which is located in the northwest corner of Italy. The community of DAMANHUR is about an hour north of Turin in the forested mountains and beautiful river area of Italy, sitting right below the white capped Alps. Our trip includes a full seven-days of programs starting on Sunday and ending in the evening of the following Saturday. Some of the folks will linger and go to Paris afterwards, or take a train to Venice, Rome or Florence. I’ll be flying back to Atlanta to  prepare for the annual New Living Expo in Saint Mateo, California, where I’ll be speaking at the Expo, and staying over to do readings and healings, as well as events at the EAST WEST BOOKSTORE in Mountain View, CA.

So the DAMANHUR trip is front and center, and since I have had the pleasure of going about fifteen times since 1999, it is always wonderful to go back and see the remarkable things that have been created in the name of world peace and unity. As many of you know, Damanhur was begun about 45 years ago by a very enlightened man named Falco. On the surface it is a ecologically sustainable community of artists, philosophers, engineers and visionaries who are working for the common good of the Earth. At a practical level they have industries like making jewelry, art, paintings, fabrics, textiles, and organic wine and cheese. However DAMANHUR is also a Mystery School whose roots are based in Egypt, Atlantis, and in the wisdom of the Star Nations, working closely with the Galactic Councils for the upliftment of mankind. As a symbol of this commitment they have built  a Temple which they call the TEMPLE OF MANKIND carved out of the inside of a mountain. Inside is some of the most beautiful and astounding sculpture, paintings, mosaic tile work, and stained glassed cupolas in the world.   On my website, I have other information and photos from some of the trips I have taken there, and I urge you to take a look.

Hopefully, I will be returning to this magical place again in September, since many of the people who had wanted to go this Spring, have had to delay their trip. Our next trip is scheduled for September 19th through the 28th, so mark it on your calendar if you are interested, and by all means call me in mid May and I will put you on our list to send you more information. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy these first few weeks of Spring!!

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