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The Naming of the Divine Sophia


The Return of SophiaHi everyone! I’m finally home in Atlanta for the entire summer. Whoopee! A great chance to catch up on my Blog, teach a class here in Atlanta, garden, play with my kitties and friends, as well as host a workshop on Damanhur Italy. But it is also a chance to take a look at how I can more effectively get some of these fabulous new Webinars that people have been asking about for a year, off the ground. So I am just starting to work with a wonderful new company that will allow me to send short, medium and even longer video messages to all of you. This company is also great for hosting great Webinars that have speaking, white boards and the capacity to do Power Point classes on a variety of subjects.  As I begin to master this new web technology in the next week or so, I will be posting more about this to let you all know more.

Secondly, I just got invited to be a part of a free teleconference in July hosted by Julia Griffin. This teleconference Summit starts broadcasting next week, and I will be adding a page of details about that event which includes other great speaker/teacher/writers.

Next, in September, I’ve been invited to speak at a fabulous Mount Shasta Conference  (see the slider on the front page for September 12, 13 & 14th). At that conference is the magical Robert Perala, Pleiadian contactee James Gilliland, and host Robert Potter, and since three out of the four of us are contactees, this amazing three day event on  should bring in some of our Star Being Space Brothers and sisters.

Finally, after months of going back and forth with my new publishers, Inner Traditions, we have finally just named the new book I was writing all of last year. It will be published in early March of 2015. It has taken several months of discussions with their great team of editors to finally find the right name. As I told them more about its message, it became clear that it was about the return of the Divine Feminine which is so desperately needed at this time in the world. So at last we know that the new title is THE RETURN OF THE DIVINE SOPHIA: HEALING THE EARTH THROUGH THE LOST TEACHINGS OF JESUS, ISIS AND MARY MAGDALENE.  While the final cover has not been done, we have a preliminary that I am posting here.

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