"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."


“Happy Chinese New Year in 

The Year of the Goat”

goat-2015-new-year-chinese-zodiac-redThe Goat is the 8th Sign in the Chinese Zodiac, and Goat people are usually mild-mannered, pessimistic, shy, and sympathetic. They are also creative, dependable, intelligent, and calm, making them charming people to be with. While they love to be in groups, they are often reserved and quiet, most likely because they like spending much time in their thoughts. They are comfortable staying at home or spending time alone. They are honest, intimate people who can be easily moved by the misfortune of others. As private people,  it may take time and effort to get to know them, but this is probably the reason that many Goat people have only a few intimate friends. Once becoming your friend, they will work hard for those they love. Goats like to spend money on the finer things in life, but they are not snobbish.


Tcancer the crabhe Goat is often compared to the Zodiac sign of Cancer,
so their season is Summer and their month is July. Goat colors are green, red, purple and blue; its gemstone is Emerald; its flowers are Carnation and Primrose; and its direction is the SW, so during this year Goats should face the NE in their meditations and prayers, to counterbalance too much Goat energy. The Goat represents the yin polarity, but its element is Fire.

Their Positive Characteristics are being Creative, Obedient, Gentle, Generous, Elegant, Intuitive, and Modest.   


Their Negative Characteristics are being Reserved, Self-Pitying, Timid, Indecisive, Insecure, Hyper-sensitive, and Disorganized.Goats prefer to work in teams and usually won’t volunteer as leaders unless they are asked. Goat people need to maintain good spirits for their mental and emotional health, because their emotions strongly effect their physical health. They do best eating fresh organic produce, and eliminating red meat from their diet when possible. They need fresh air, trees, sunshine and nature, which will do wonders for their constitution. They also need a consistent schedule for their meals and sleep patterns.


Great Careers for Goats are: Hairdresser, Teacher, Retail Owner, Pediatrician, Florist, Interior Designer, Actor, Writer, Musician, Illustrator, Editor, Fashion Designer, Singer and Art History Teacher.  


Famous Goats Include: Julia Roberts, Chow Yun Fat, Julio Iglesias, Pamela Anderson, Bill Gates, Bruce Willis, Billy Idol,  Mick Jagger, Debra Winger, Mark Twain, and Robert De Niro.

Year of the Goat 2015There are Five Kinds of Goat People: Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood, and each have their own different characteristics.Metal Goats appear to be tough on the outside, but are fragile on the inside. They are cultural and appreciate the Arts. They were born between February 17, 1931 and February 5, 1932, and more recently between February 15, 1991 and February 3, 1992.

Wood Goats
are highly enjoyable and hence comfortable in groups. They are helpful and generous, however they may be taken advantage of by others. They should spend some time for themselves. Wood Goats are born between January 24, 1955 and February 11, 1956 and more recently between February 19, 2015 and February 7, 2016.


Water Goats are carefree, fun-loving and like to go with the flow. They are also quite enjoyable to be with. When things go wrong, they often pout and then lose their self confidence. These are people born between February 5, 1943 and January 24, 1944, and more recently between February 1, 2003 and January 21st, 2004.

Earth Goats are independent, practical, conservative and low in self confidence. They are rooted in the ground, and for them, family is very important. They seem to enjoy everything that life seems to offer. They are born between February 1, 1919 and Feb 19, 1920, and more recently between January 28, 1979 and February 15, 1980.

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