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Can You Believe that Fairies Are Real?


Hi Everyone! No, I’ve not dropped off the planet! I was on tour with my new book, RETURN OF THE DIVINE SOPHIA, most of March, April, May and June, and returned home to Atlanta in June to see clients for the next four months. I have just come up for air in my schedule over the past week, and have done some great updates to my website. I’ve added six new articles on everything from Giants to UFOs, Fairies to the Anunnaki Gods. So here is an excerpt from the articles of FAIRIES AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE. Check it out below and then go to the Section called STRANGE WORLDS to see the full article and the actually photographs of the Fairies themselves. Enjoy!

Fairy flying over gardenIn virtually every culture around the world we hear legends of human creatures different from ourselves: Giants, mermaids, pixies, elves, fairies, brownies and leprechauns. These various creatures or nature spirits  populate the lore of tribes as diverse as the Persians genii, the Greeks salamanders, sylphs and undines, the mermaids of the Scottish Isles, the North American Yeti, the Norse frost giants, the German dwarves, Abominable Snowmen of the Himalayas and the fairies, elves and leprechauns of the Celts.

But what is the source of these legends? Are they only whimsical fairy tales, or is there actually some basis in fact? Where did these creatures come from, and where have they disappeared to in a 21st Century world?  Is it possible that in ages past this planet was populated by many different species of human, and that now most of them have gone extinct?   Are these races completely third dimensional, or do they exist alongside us in some slightly altered dimension? Do they vibrate at a speed than we do, remaining largely unseen by most of the world unless one has developed one’s inner etheric sight?

Is there physical evidence that they exist? And what do giants, fairies have to with Extraterrestrial visitations? Is it possible that some of these beings came from another planet, or that perhaps, these were the original inhabitants of planet Earth and that we are the true interlopers?

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