Angel Book Questions

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Dialogus with the Angels book

Here are Some Questions About Angels that you Might Enjoy Exploring


How would you describe yourself to someone just meeting you and your work for the first time? You are the author of two books? What are they called?
 Tricia, I know that you travel and speak nationally about Angels and multidimensional realities, do you think many people have these experiences?
So, as a child you were able to see not only Angels, but to hear them as well. What is this called? Do you think that all children experience the presence of Angels?
Your book talks about how at an early age you could see and hear these other types of beings. What if someone just feels them? Is that just as valid?
Do you think everyone has the potential for these same abilities?
How do we get more in touch with our own gifts?
There’s a chapter I know a lot of people will identify with about your difficulties in growing up in a dysfunctional family. You write that many “old souls” choose this kind of difficulty deliberately in order to prepare themselves for some sort of spiritual growth. What do you mean by that?
In the book you talk about the Universe having many different levels, or planes of reality. Where do we go when we dream?
How can we learn to remember our dreams, or to control them?
In your chapter called The Angel of Death, you tell the story of an Angel who appeared by the bedside of a friend of yours. You both travel with the Angel to “the other side” to see where your friend is going to live when he passes over. Can you tell us something about what happens when we die?
Do we each have a guardian Angel?
Are there other kinds of spirit guides besides Angels?
How can you tell when your guides are around?
In your book you talk about reincarnation as being part of the original Christian and Jewish teachings that were taken out of the Bible. Can you tell us about that?
How does someone decide to come back for another lifetime? Do we choose our families and environments?
Do we choose what kind of bodies we are going to have?
Why would someone choose to come in healthy or unhealthy?
Rich or poor?
Why is it important to know about our past lives?
Why do you think we forget everything from lifetime to lifetime?
One of the things you relate most strongly concerns the importance for emotional healing from lifetime to lifetime. Can you talk about that?
One of my favorite stories in your book was about the Cavern Angel. Will you relate that to us?
At the end of the book the Cavern Angel makes some predictions for what is coming in the next millennium. Do you wish to elaborate on that?
You have a picture of an Angel and a white dove descending over the earth on the cover of your book. Does that have some special significance to these predictions?


Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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