Return of the Divine Sophia Images

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

The Return of the Divine Sophia

This extraordinary inspiring book about the many gods and goddess archetypes that live within the Cosmos and with each one of us, inspired the creation of many beautiful images of the many incarnations of the Divine Father and Mother, Daughter and Son who have graced this planet with their presence. Here is a small preview of just a few of them scaled down to fit on the web. See if you can guess who each of them are! We hope that you will enjoy the book and making your own connection with these Presences!

Tricia White Dove



Mary Magdalene dove and challice Mary Magdalene holding the alabaster jar-tricia Quan Yin-tricia-fan-tricia

Isis-Harvest Maiden-tricia

Black Madonna-tricia

Mary the Mother-tricia

Hera and Zeus-tricia

Isis with pryamid-larger-tricia


Cosmic Mother larger-in gourd-tricia

Nuit and the stars-tricia

Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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