"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Can You Believe that Fairies Are Real?


Hi Everyone! No, I’ve not dropped off the planet! I was on tour with my new book, RETURN OF THE DIVINE SOPHIA, most of March, April, May and June, and returned home to Atlanta in June to see clients for the next four months. I have just come up for air in my schedule over the past week, and have done some great updates to my website. I’ve added six new articles on everything from Giants to UFOs, Fairies to the Anunnaki Gods. So here is an excerpt from the articles of FAIRIES AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE. Check it out below and then go to the Section called STRANGE WORLDS to see the full article and the actually photographs of the Fairies themselves. Enjoy!

Fairy flying over gardenIn virtually every culture around the world we hear legends of human creatures different from ourselves: Giants, mermaids, pixies, elves, fairies, brownies and leprechauns. These various creatures or nature spirits  populate the lore of tribes as diverse as the Persians genii, the Greeks salamanders, sylphs and undines, the mermaids of the Scottish Isles, the North American Yeti, the Norse frost giants, the German dwarves, Abominable Snowmen of the Himalayas and the fairies, elves and leprechauns of the Celts.

But what is the source of these legends? Are they only whimsical fairy tales, or is there actually some basis in fact? Where did these creatures come from, and where have they disappeared to in a 21st Century world?  Is it possible that in ages past this planet was populated by many different species of human, and that now most of them have gone extinct?   Are these races completely third dimensional, or do they exist alongside us in some slightly altered dimension? Do they vibrate at a speed than we do, remaining largely unseen by most of the world unless one has developed one’s inner etheric sight?

Is there physical evidence that they exist? And what do giants, fairies have to with Extraterrestrial visitations? Is it possible that some of these beings came from another planet, or that perhaps, these were the original inhabitants of planet Earth and that we are the true interlopers?

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2015 – The Year of the Goat


“Happy Chinese New Year in 

The Year of the Goat”

goat-2015-new-year-chinese-zodiac-redThe Goat is the 8th Sign in the Chinese Zodiac, and Goat people are usually mild-mannered, pessimistic, shy, and sympathetic. They are also creative, dependable, intelligent, and calm, making them charming people to be with. While they love to be in groups, they are often reserved and quiet, most likely because they like spending much time in their thoughts. They are comfortable staying at home or spending time alone. They are honest, intimate people who can be easily moved by the misfortune of others. As private people,  it may take time and effort to get to know them, but this is probably the reason that many Goat people have only a few intimate friends. Once becoming your friend, they will work hard for those they love. Goats like to spend money on the finer things in life, but they are not snobbish.


Tcancer the crabhe Goat is often compared to the Zodiac sign of Cancer,
so their season is Summer and their month is July. Goat colors are green, red, purple and blue; its gemstone is Emerald; its flowers are Carnation and Primrose; and its direction is the SW, so during this year Goats should face the NE in their meditations and prayers, to counterbalance too much Goat energy. The Goat represents the yin polarity, but its element is Fire.

Their Positive Characteristics are being Creative, Obedient, Gentle, Generous, Elegant, Intuitive, and Modest.   


Their Negative Characteristics are being Reserved, Self-Pitying, Timid, Indecisive, Insecure, Hyper-sensitive, and Disorganized.Goats prefer to work in teams and usually won’t volunteer as leaders unless they are asked. Goat people need to maintain good spirits for their mental and emotional health, because their emotions strongly effect their physical health. They do best eating fresh organic produce, and eliminating red meat from their diet when possible. They need fresh air, trees, sunshine and nature, which will do wonders for their constitution. They also need a consistent schedule for their meals and sleep patterns.


Great Careers for Goats are: Hairdresser, Teacher, Retail Owner, Pediatrician, Florist, Interior Designer, Actor, Writer, Musician, Illustrator, Editor, Fashion Designer, Singer and Art History Teacher.  


Famous Goats Include: Julia Roberts, Chow Yun Fat, Julio Iglesias, Pamela Anderson, Bill Gates, Bruce Willis, Billy Idol,  Mick Jagger, Debra Winger, Mark Twain, and Robert De Niro.

Year of the Goat 2015There are Five Kinds of Goat People: Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood, and each have their own different characteristics.Metal Goats appear to be tough on the outside, but are fragile on the inside. They are cultural and appreciate the Arts. They were born between February 17, 1931 and February 5, 1932, and more recently between February 15, 1991 and February 3, 1992.

Wood Goats
are highly enjoyable and hence comfortable in groups. They are helpful and generous, however they may be taken advantage of by others. They should spend some time for themselves. Wood Goats are born between January 24, 1955 and February 11, 1956 and more recently between February 19, 2015 and February 7, 2016.


Water Goats are carefree, fun-loving and like to go with the flow. They are also quite enjoyable to be with. When things go wrong, they often pout and then lose their self confidence. These are people born between February 5, 1943 and January 24, 1944, and more recently between February 1, 2003 and January 21st, 2004.

Earth Goats are independent, practical, conservative and low in self confidence. They are rooted in the ground, and for them, family is very important. They seem to enjoy everything that life seems to offer. They are born between February 1, 1919 and Feb 19, 1920, and more recently between January 28, 1979 and February 15, 1980.
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“The Holy Spirit at Christmas”


“The Holy Spirit at Christmas”

DECEMBER 21, 2014:

Fleur de lisAmong the many profound concepts taught by the Mysteries of the ancient world was the template of the Trinity in all of Creation. In Egypt the concept of the Divine Mother and Divine Father that produces the Divine Child is expressed in the trinity of Isis, Osiris and Horus. Not only does this foreshadow our Christian concept of the Divine Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the feminine face of God), but discoveries in modern day science seem to echo this same principle. In the microcosm atoms are composed of three parts: protons, electrons and neutrons, while in the macrocosm we find that solar systems are composed of suns, planets and moons. Similarly, the path of enlightenment taught by the Celts, the Egyptians, and the mystical teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah, tell us that it is in the Union of the male and female (the Middle Path), that we shall find  Mastery.

Three Celtic leaves green copyThis concept of a Trinitarian Universe is also found in the teachings of Hinduism. They teach that there are three active principles in the Universe: Brahma, the Creator; Vishnu, the Preserver, and Shiva, the Transformer of worlds. In fact, this trinitarian concept is also reflected in the biology of all living mammals. We have three nervous systems: a sympathetic, parasympathetic, and central nervous system. We also have three aspects to our brains: the Reptilian, Limbic and Cerebral brains – each a reflection of our physical, emotional and mental states of consciousness. Thus we can see that this concept is intrinsic to who we are, even when we are unaware of it.

Perhaps as we move into this Holiday Season we can choose to keep the Trinity in our minds, for every exchange of energy has three participants: the Giver, the Receiver, and the Christed Spirit that passes between them. This invisible energy is the Holy Spirit, and energy that brings the Universe into being. Jesus understood this Spirit and lived it every day. Perhaps keeping this invisible Presence in mind each day as we go about the hustle and bustle of our daily lives (shopping, driving, eating, and socializing)  we can practice the Presence of this Spirit. This is the season where our hearts can actively connect with the Christed Heart; where we can remember to Do Unto Others As We Would Have Them Do to Us.

Invoking the power of this Presence in all we do and all we say, keeps alive the Spirit of Christmas alive. May we all remember to share the gratitude of what we have been given with others – not only the humans, but the plants and animals as well, for without them there would be no life on Planet Earth at all.

Wishing You All A Magical Holiday Season!

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“The Meaning of the Christmas Tree”


“The Meaning of the Christmas Tree and the Way of the Return!

DECEMBER 18, 2014

Cosmic Dreams with man and TreeThe Christmas Tree has long been a symbol of the enduring Spirit of Christ, but many of us may ask how this wonderful spiritual tradition first started and what it really means. Why do we place lights on the tree each year? Why do we decorate our trees with multicolored balls, and why are the trees cut from evergreens? What is the significance of the Star at the top of the tree and why do we put presents beneath its lovely limbs?

The traditions of the Christmas Tree go back to many ancient cultures who celebrated the return of the light just after the Winter Solstice that happens every December 21st. At that time the days are shortest and the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. Three days later the sun begins to rise again, echoing the story of Jesus, a great Solar Lord who died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. Each year as we put up our Christmas trees, we choose to remember our connection to the eternal Light of these higher spiritual worlds. The trees that were chosen were always evergreens: firs, junipers, hollies, pines and spruce trees because they represent the eternal quality of the Cosmic Tree of Life itself – a mystical symbol for the Path of Spiritual Return that takes us back into the heavenly realms.

Tree of LifeToday the Tree of Life is best known as the Kabbalah, a mystical teaching within the  Jewish Mysteries. Yet the wisdom of the Tree of Life was once taught within many great cultures including the Egyptian, Greek, Druid, and Persian Mystery Schools. The Tree of Life has three vertical paths all leading to the Source. The first path is the male aspect of the Divine Father; the second path is the female aspect of the Divine Mother; and the third path is the Central Way of the integration between these two polarities that finally leads to wholeness and true mastery.

Jesus taught this Middle Path as the WAY OF THE RETURN, while Buddha taught it as the MIDDLE WAY, and Thoth (the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt), taught it as the ANCIENT WAY, reminding us of the male and female aspects that we must all integrate if we are to open both our hearts and ours minds to the light of Christ consciousness.

Tree of Life ribbonThe lights on the tree are the many souls who are spread throughout the Universe. The balls represent the planets, or the spheres or sephiroth that support life at every dimensional level. And the zigzag path of the garland is the Lightening Path of the Kabbalah: another way of describing how the energies of God descend into the worlds of time and space. Finally the Star at the top of the tree represents not only the Eternal Source of Love  from which we call emanate (God), but the Crown of Mastery that we can attain, if we will only find the path of integration and follow it.  And the presents beneath the tree… these are the gifts of Spirit that come to us through our many various experiences in the worlds below: compassion, generosity, kindness, insight, wisdom and of course, love.

This Christmas, as you go about the task of putting up your Christmas Tree and taking it down again, please remember to honor its true cosmic significance. At the center of this symbolism is a reminder that through the spirit of unconditional love, kindness and generosity, we may find the true path of enlightenment and claim our own Christed natures.

Wishing You All A Magical Holiday Season!

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“Finding Your Purpose” Class Starts in Atlanta This Week!


Blueprint of the Soul imageHey guys, so I’m back in Atlanta for the entire month of October and am teaching a wonderful five-week class on “FINDING YOUR PURPOSE THROUGH THE BLUEPRINT OF THE SOUL.”  Here’s a little bit about it down below:

Discovering the true purpose of our Soul was one of the primary purposes of the Great Spiritual Mystery Schools and the Sages and philosophers of the past. Who are we as a Soul and why have we come to Earth?  Where were we before we came into this life, and where do we go when we die?  What is our TRUE PURPOSE here and how can we find a way to fulfill that purpose in this lifetime? This extraordinary series of classes focuses on the heart of the Mysteries, helping us to rise above the mundane view of life and discover the deeper meaning behind the many turnings of the Wheel of Fortune. As we begin to understand the nature and mechanisms of the Divine Plan, we begin to also get a clearer picture of the vast creative potential and magnificence of who we really are.


What is the nature of the Soul, and how are we connected with God, the Angels, and the Divine? Where were we before we came into this incarnation and what happens when we die?  Are we mortal or immortal, and what is the Soul’s purpose in even coming to Earth? How can we discover who we really are and what we are here to do? How old are we as a Soul and how does our age play into the vast human dramas we see all around us?

This first class begins a discussion about the NINE ORDERS OF THE ANGELS from which we all originally descended, and how the Soul emerges from remembrance to forgetfulness, and then back again, as we move forward in our  true Quest for Mastery. It also addresses the many phases of the Soul’s evolution from the BEGINNER SOUL to the MASTER SOUL, and how we can begin to discover our true SOUL’S ORIGINS.


Discovering our GENESIS MATRIX is the first step in understanding how the Soul becomes layered with its many gifts and talents. Knowing this, we can also see how these gifts and proclivities follow us throughout our many lifetimes, both in the physical plane and also in the Higher Realms. This second evening delves into our connection with the Four Elemental Kingdoms and the Devic Realms… Kingdoms that grant us gifts and abilities, depending on our alignment (or lack of alignment) with these realms. Understanding our connection with the Elemental Kingdoms also explains why some people are more attuned to the INNER GIFTS of Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, or Knowing  – talents that emerge in our INNER SENSES as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudient, and Claircognitive awareness. In this second class we will begin processes to actively explore how to awaken to our GIFTS and to learn how to use these INNER SENSES in the discovery of our true Life’s Purpose.


Now that we understand the DIVINE ORIGINS of the Soul and how we have been layered with certain Inner Sensitivities, we can begin to discover the KARMIC and DHARMIC ARC of our life. Knowing this ARC will lead us to the discovery of our TRUE PURPOSE. This ARC is composed of both our KARMA and our DHARMA.  KARMA is defined here as the pain and suffering and challenges that we face as a child or a teenager. Our DHARMA is defined as our Life’s Mission. DHARMA is a Sanskrit word meaning WORK, or in this case YOUR LIFE’S WORK. For some the focus is about creativity or empowerment. For others it is about service or healing. For some it is about bravery or protection, and for others it is about raising a family and learning the unifying power of love, loyalty and spiritual connection.

This highly interactive evening is about helping you plot your own KARMIC DHARMIC ARC, and then begin to reframe the events of your past to discover just why you have come to Earth with your unique life circumstances at this particular time.


Now that we have begun to discover the real reasons behind why we incarnated in our families of origin, and why we endured the challenges that we have face, we have begun to glimpse the purpose of our TRUE LIFE MISSION.  Now we can begin to look at the many things that lodge in the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that might block us from discovering or completing our missions. What are the SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKS that we can have to our love, our power, our communication, and our purpose? And knowing what they are, how can we get rid of them so that they no longer interfere with our spiritual progress?

This fascinating evening delves into the nature of the many kinds of blocks and traumas that keep us out of our power, and out of connection from our true AUTHENTIC SELF.  We take a look at VOWS, CURSES, BINDINGS, ERRONEOUS BELIEF SYSTEMS FORMED IN TIMES OF TRAUMA, and OLD SOUL CONTRACTS that no longer serve us. And we discuss the many ways that we can jettison these things so that they no longer block us from our health, wealth, joy and prosperity.


The last class in this series addresses the four major ways that people might try to take our power and pull us from our true LIFE’S MISSION. We also take a serious look at the well conditioned self-defense mechanisms that have been built into our culture… all of which are about trying to keep us wounded, unaware, and still ensnared in the traps of our wounding. This evening is about remembering the Soul’s true curriculum… a course of Mastery that includes both the PATH OF LOVE and the PATH OF POWER. Both paths are needed to achieve complete Mastery… a path long represented by THE TREE OF LIFE and the WAY OF THE RETURN that leads us back to awakening, and to the joy of our own Divine Nature.

Join us for an amazing month of  spiritual experiences that will forever change the way you look at the Universe around you and yourself!

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