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"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Italian Trip to Damanhur
“Doorway to Damanhur – Unlocking the Secrets of the Ages”

September 19th through September 29th – 2014
Seven Full Days of Programs
$1800 – Deposits Due August 1st – $900 – Can be Paid Here on Paypal

Damanhur Cover ArtDamanhur fire altarSeveral years ago I heard about an amazing secret city hidden in at the foothills of the northern Alps. It was called Damanhur, a name that in Egyptian means “City of Light,” and it is located in the northwest quadrant of Italy, some 40 miles from Turin. When I looked up their web site, I was blown away by the sophisticated architecture and intricate artistry, and as I continued to read I saw that they had created the equivalent of an eleven-story building hidden inside of a mountain. They called this “The Temple of Mankind.” Inscribed within its corridors were the most magnificent stained glass that I had ever seen, including exquisite altars, huge dome copulas, and mystical symbols that only an Initiate would recognize.

Glancing at the types of classes they offered, I realized this was a Mystery School, a unique spiritual Mecca in the backyard of the Vatican itself. Similar to the ancient Egyptians, they had woven three levels of meaning into their temples: first, the artistic meaning, second, a symbolic meaning, and last the glyphs of an ancient star-language. As a UFO researcher for many years, I recognized these symbols immediately. I knew that they were linked to the Language of Light spoken by the Angels. Other pictures revealed beautiful mosaic floors, exquisite paintings, incredible stained glass copulas and a powerful temple built inside of a magic mountain. It was like the Shangri-la of the West. I was smitten.

Two years later I got to visit. During that first three-day visit my conscious mind stove to get below the surface of this remarkable community. I visited the alchemical city of Turin, known as the “City of Magic” which was once the home of Jason’s Golden Fleece, and now Damanhur temple roomhouses the shroud of Turin, and I found myself traveling in nightly journeys into the vast subterranean caves that lay beneath that mountain range. I realized that this place was connected with the great Hall of Records that stretched from ancient Atlantis into the Earth’s future. And the Temple of Mankind, is built into magic a mountain full of a highly conductive psychic metal called millenite that is generally only found some 38 kilometers below ground. This was an electromagnetic conductor into other dimensional realities, and it is the bedrock upon which this community is built.

During that first visit and in subsequent one, I had time travel flashes, lucid dreams and a glimpse into the profound spiritual physics that Damanhur teaches, I knew that if I was ever to understand the unique overlap between science and mystical revelation that lies behind the veils of Damanhur’s mystique, I would have to return.

Over the past fourteen years I have journeyed there more than a dozen times, sometimes alone and sometimes as a host for other spiritual pilgrims. Each time I have designed a unique program from among the many classes that Damanhur offers, and with each successive visit the mysteries of who they are has deepened. Eventually, I realized that these people are the ancient initiates of both Egypt and ancient Atlantis  who have come together to help the  human race. Consummate time travelers, they have been exploring the history of the human race for a long, long time. For over 45 of our years, members of their community have traveled back into our past, working to help unfold our future in a more positive and life affirming way.


“The opposite of control is celebration… celebration is about energies dancing.” Matthew Fox, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ

Damanhur-LabyrinthWe are just now opening reservations for our Fall 2014 trip to Damanhur, City of Light. This is our sixteenth trip to Damanhur and our first in about three years.

It is a nine day trip scheduled to leave on Friday Night, September 19th, arriving in Turin on Saturday afternoon, September 20th where we will be taken to Damanhur to settle into our magical house of Atlan for the week of Programs. We start our programs on Sunday the 21st, and complete our programs on Saturday the 27th. We then fly out of Turin on Sunday the 28th, for a full Seven Days of programs.

 Since costs are linked to the Euro, the trip will cost around $1800 depending on the fluctuation of the dollar. The price includes all programs, transportation to and from the airport in Turin, and room & board. Meals are separate, but reasonable ($10 to $15), and we will have our own kitchen at our house for coffee, teas, yogurt, fruit, cereal, juice and light snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at local eateries, restaurants, or with resident Damanhurians.

Airfare is separate since many of us will be leaving from different cities or may want to use your Frequent Flyer miles. But you will want to coordinate with me from your city of origin so that I know when you will arrive in the mid afternoon.  Airlines fly into Turin from Paris, Frankfurt and Milan. We strongly suggest that if fly directly into Turin, even if you come into Milan, since the airport to train transfer will create difficulties with baggage, cabs and stairs and you won’t really save any money. (Believe me, I’ve done it! Turin is modern, clean and lovely.)

 The trip is limited to only 14 people plus me, and most of the rooms are set up for two people with single beds, that can of course be made into a double if you so desire.

Please call as soon as possible if you want to discuss the details at 404-355-2211.
Deposits are due now and will be held until two weeks before the trip: $900 down payment payable in US dollars to Tricia McCannon.
Checks accepted, or if you wish to charge on a credit card, please add $50 to the trip since that is the fee taken out by PayPal.
Checks can be sent to: 3054 Montclair Circle – Smyrna, GA. 30080.


Damanhur groupDAY ONE: (Friday Night Sept. 19th) Leave America Friday evening to arrive in Italy the next morning. Many flights run through Paris to Turin or Milan to Turin, or Frankfurt to Turin.

DAY TWO: (Saturday Sept. 20th) Be picked up at the airport on Saturday and taken directly to Damanhur, the City of Light. Disembark at Atlan, our own 2-story house in the middle of a sacred forest, close to the entrance to Damanhur. There we have our own conference room, bedrooms, three bathrooms and kitchen.  Orientation Meeting that afternoon and a romantic Italian dinner.

DAY THREE: (Sunday Sept 21st) Morning Tour of Damanhur, the grounds and the fabulous Open Temple, Temple of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Concert with the plants that afternoon. Afternoon time to shop at their amazing art galleries for jewelry, clothes, pottery, paintings and other selfic magical devices.

Sculpture at DamanhurDAY FOUR: (Monday Sept. 22nd) Day long visit to the Temple of Mankind, learn sacred dance and aspects of the sacred star language. Walk the activated circuits of the Temple’s labyrinths, and enter into the wonder and majesty of the 10th Wonder of the World!

Damanhur dancingDAY FIVE: (Tuesday Sept. 23rd) Day long trip as we travel into the magical City of Turin with its palaces and Cathedrals. Visit the Shroud of Turin at the cathedral, the palace of the Savoy Kings, and spend the afternoon at the Egyptian Museum. This Museum is second only to Cairo’s for its immense collection of Egyptian history. It includes over 20 statues of Sekhmet, the warrior goddess of healing. And it has the only complete copy of the Book of the Dead (The Papyrus of Ani) on display in the world.

DAY SIX: (Wednesday Sept. 24th) This amazing class on Spiritual Physics, part one and part two will change your perception on reality forever. Learn the 8 laws that govern our Universe, and the secrets of Time Travel.  Magical People Ceremony that night.

DAY SEVEN: (Thursday Sept. 25th) All day alchemical sculpture class with master sculptor Anyello. Discover an aspect of yourself and your past or future you had never suspected before.

 DAY EIGHT: (Friday Sept. 26th) Dream Class – Part One of our Dream Class led by Puma, a reincarnation of one of the great Greek sages and philosophers. Learn how to control, interpret and use your dreams for the highest purposes. Experiential.

DAY NINE: (Saturday Sept. 27th) Dream Class – Part Two of our Dream Class.  Evening session meeting with the leaders of Damanhur. This intimate session allows our group to ask questions about anything you wish that night.

DAY TEN: (Sunday Sept. 28th) Breakfast, then leave for the airport or stay over on your own time to relax, shop or schedule individual healing sessions that afternoon.  Extra overnight stay at Damanhur (without food or programs) is around $40 each night.  Leave in the morning for home or continue on to Venice, Rome, Milan or Florence for your own Italian Getaway.


For More Information about this Magical Trip
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