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"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Mystery School AtlantaWelcome to the PHOENIX FIRE MYSTERY SCHOOL

We currently are starting a new First Level Class with twelve exciting weekends.These weekends are being held at various places in Atlanta, but the first three events will be at the HERON HOUSE in Roswell, Georgia.

The address is 102 Russell Rd. Mountain Park, GA 30075 and we have included more information as well as directions about this lovely site below.

The twelve classes in the First Level are:

CLASS ONE: Awakening to the Mysteries – December 6th & 7th

CLASS TWO: Hermetics, the Secret Language of the Soul – January 17th & 18th

CLASS THREE: The Magical Worlds of Dreaming, Soul Travel and Astral Travel –  February 28th – March 1st

CLASS FOUR: The Blueprint of the Soul and the Nine Orders of the Angels – April 11th-12th

CLASS FIVE: Human Evolution and the Cycles of Time – May 16th and 17th

CLASS SIX: The Amazing World of Crystals – TBA

CLASS SEVEN: The Wonderful World of Plants – TBA

CLASS EIGHT: The Shamanic World of Animals – TBA

CLASS NINE: The Hero’s Journey: Twelve Archetypes of the Human Journey – TBA

CLASS TEN: The Tree of Life and the Way of the Return – TBA

CLASS ELEVEN: Telepathy, Psychic Self Defense and the Aura – TBA

CLASS TWELVE: Becoming the Priestess, Priest, Shaman and Healer – TBA


If Registered Early or Late


Hermetics Class CoverFor as long as humans have been alive, mankind has used the language of symbols. In early cultures, tribes chose symbols to express their perceptions of the seen and unseen world, developing a complex set of images that evolved into the rudiments of language. In today’s world, we are familiar with symbols, and our culture has created thousands of iconographic images that convey both simple and complex directions about the world around us. We see these symbols all around us telling us to stop the car, yield in traffic, not to smoke, or that there is a restaurant ahead on the highway. In recent years, we have seen the development of a rich vocabulary of symbols within the cyber-world of computers and i pods. Yet each of these examples refer to a body of symbols that are exoteric icons – that is, external symbols that direct us to some outer related activity or type of information in the secular world.

Hermetics is an esoteric language, meaning that the very nature of the symbols themselves, take us into ourselves. One could say that it is the symbol language of the soul; the kind of symbols that guide us into a deeper understanding of the universe in which we live, the spiritual principles that exists behind the visible world of matter that we see around us, and give us insight into humanity’s essential place in the great Cosmos of spiritual beings. Hermetics directs us to an Inner World that leads us to the deepest secrets of the Cosmos. This language was created by the Masters of the past who had traveled far into the recesses of the Inner Planes. Just as the Master Jesus tells us that “the kingdom of Heaven can be found within us,” so too, does this ancient language reveal to us profound realizations about the very nature of our souls.


The Heron House is a 501-c3 Non-Profit center for sacred studies nestled in a wildlife refuge on the dam between Lake Cheerful and Lake Garrett in the City of Mountain Park. Our spiritual gatherings are designed to nourish the soul and nurture the body. Our beautiful facility faces a lake in both the front and the back, and we have a private backyard and dock that is perfect for small events, seminars, workshops, classes, and small, exclusive sacred gatherings. The Heron House is  5 minutes west of the town of Roswell, 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta, and 45 minutes from the Atlanta International Airport.

Directions: From 284 drive Interstate 400 North to Exit 7-B, at Holcomb Bridge Road.  Exit to the right but the ramp donuts around putting you headed due west on Holcomb Bridge. Just stay on this road for about 5 miles. You will cross over several major north-south roads: Roswell Road, Mansell Road, Crabapple, and several others.

Keep an eye out for the shopping center on the right with TARGET in it. Turn right onto that road. Go approximately two miles. The HERON HOUSE will be on your left. It is a one story wooden building with space for about 12 cars. Park and come inside.

THE ADDRESS: 102 Russell RD. Mountain Park, GA 30075
(404) 434-4030

Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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