"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."


Tarot-Fool-0-alone-webHey Everyone! The wonderful teacher from the community of Damanhur Italy,  Shama Viola, just left Atlanta after teaching a great two day class here on THE ART OF DIVINATION. Like all of their classes, it was really wonderful, and also profound. Initially it introduced us to many different kinds of Divination techniques, a word that derives from THE DIVINE, since the ability to truly read the past, present or future is the result of our being able to link with the Divine forces of the Universe and see events in the flow of time. The class explained the difference between MANTIC and DIVINATION…  a new discovery for me. MANTIC is connecting with things like the pendulum or the I-Ching. These are various systems for contacting the Higher Self through the autonomic nervous system. But in DIVINATION we are connecting into older systems of rituals that have been around for hundreds, or even thousands of years. THE TAROT is one of these systems. Its name comes from the world ROTAR or WHEEL, meaning the Wheel of Life and Death and Reincarnation that every soul travels.

On the second day of the workshop we primarily focused on understanding this WHEEL OF LIFE AND CHANGES that we all go through, beginning with the journey of the FOOL, the unconscious self that lives inside of all of us and who blithely steps out onto the path of life. On the positive side it marks NEW BEGINNINGS, and is the number O in the deck. But it also is very much like the INNER CHILD, connecting with the wonder of life, but having very little wisdom since it is unconscious.

The journey of the 22 MAJOR ARCANA takes us from the FOOL to the MAGICIAN, with many steps along the way. Some of these are THE HIGH PRIESTESS, THE EMPRESS AND EMPEROR, DEATH (OR CHANGE), THE SUN, MOON AND STAR, and we finally end up at THE WORLD, where everything we desire can be ours. With this completion of a cycle, we return to a new beginning, which some believe returns us to THE FOOL, the place where we have grown in many ways, but now have a chance to grow to an even greater level of personal maturity and awareness.

As always theirs is a great program, and I am planning now to bring them back the FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY 20015 to teach a class on PAST LIVES, where each participant who signs up by the first of January, gets a chance to discover and relive one of their many exciting past lives. If you are interested in knowing more, be sure to call or write me!!! Thanks, Tricia

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