DVD: Blueprint of the Soul

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

OVERVIEW – BLUEPRINT OF THE SOUL – 3 Hr. – 2 discs DVD Set – $30

Blueprint of the SoulThis fabulous 2-DVD set takes us from the place of First Beginnings, and the discovery of our Genesis Matrix, through our descent in the nine Angelic Kingdoms, and finally into the worlds of matter, coming through the various realms or dimensions that lie behind this one. Focused on the nature of the Soul itself and its eternal voyage through time, we explore our links with the Angelic Kingdoms, and the spiritual reasons for us to take incarnations here on Earth. We explain how we become trapped in this reality and forget our true origins, and how we can awaken and return. This visually gorgeous presentation will inspire, illumine and enlighten you in life-changing ways. Recorded live at the Conscious Life Expo.


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Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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