Webinar: Egyptian Mysteries Class

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Quantum Wisdom & The Egyptian Mysteries

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A Four-Week Class originally Presented at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore
5531 Roswell Road, NE, Atlanta 30342
Second Floor Annex Building next door to the Bookstore

through www.PortaltoAscension.org
Upcoming Dates to Be Announced – $33 Per Class


November 3rd: The Initiate’s Journey and the Path of Knowledge

 What was the path of enlightenment followed by the Initiates of Ancient Egypt? What were the secrets that they possessed, and what did those Masters know about the nature of the Soul and the archetypes that lie within?  What are the steps to enlightenment and how can this lost wisdom help us in our lives today? This first installment of a powerful four week series by internationally acclaimed teacher Tricia McCannon, takes you on a tour de force of the Great Spiritual Mysteries, awakening your own inner memories to discover your connection with the Masters and the Mysteries of the past and their importance in your life today.


Egyptian Ankh with wingsNovember 10th: Visionary Secrets of Hermetic Wisdom

This electrifying evening takes you into the hidden secrets of the gods as they encoded the Wisdom of the Ages into the symbol language of Hermetics. Hermetics is the language of the Higher Self, also used by the Subconscious Mind to communicate with us in dreams, visions, and meditative practices. Holographic in nature, this language is able to communicate through direct transmission, and is akin to the Language of Light or the Language of the Angels. Come join us for this second installment in understanding the fundamental secrets of the Great Spiritual Mysteries.  


Thoth with Merkaba fieldNovember 17th: Thoth – Master Initiate of the Gods

So great was the wisdom of the great Master Thoth that, like Jesus, he was said to have been an incarnation of the Word or the Logos, the blueprint for creation itself. Known as the author of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Hermetica, The Emerald Tablets, and the Kybalion, Thoth was the architect of all of the great Mystery Schools across the world. This amazing presentation gives you an in-depth look at the vision and mastery of this Master Initiate.


 Egyptian AlchemyDecember 1st: The Spiritual Alchemy of Mastery

Egyptian wisdom taught that there were specific processes that could awaken your Inner Sight. To this end, they taught a series of processes and exercises designed to create an alchemical awakening of the mind, body, and heart that allow initiates to access their Higher Selves. Come and join us as we learn about these exciting secrets of knowledge, and how this wisdom is as a relevant to us today as it was 5000 years ago!

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Tricia McCannon is a renowned American clairvoyant, historian and teacher who is an initiate of many ancient streams of knowledge. She is the author of three books, 13 on-line books and 35 DVD’s, including the acclaimed Dialogues with the Angels, Jesus: The 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions, and Return of the Divine Sophia. For the past two decades, she has been a Headliner at conferences around the world, and has appeared on over 200 radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland, Gaiam TV and a number of international documentaries. She is the Founder of the Phoenix Fire Lodge Mystery School in Atlanta, and can be reached for private sessions at: www.triciamccannon.com.




Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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