Egyptian Mysteries Event

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Thoth, Alchemy, Ascension, The Emerald Tablets
& The Seven Principles of Hermetic Law

AlchemyThe Egyptian culture may well have been one the greatest civilizations the world has ever known, running continuously, even by conservative estimates, for over 3000 years. The backbone of this culture was the existence of the great Mystery Schools, those halls of learning that allowed students to pull back the curtain of the material world, and glimpse the majesty of their own divine natures. But how was this structured, and what were their teachings? Who set up these great Mystery Centers, and did Egypt’s knowledge begin in a far earlier Age when the great continent of Atlantis flourished? What was the underpinning philosophy that held it together, and that still resounds throughout the world in myths, monuments and legends?

Now wisdom initiate Tricia McCannon, trained in the esoteric secrets of ancient Egypt, as well as the teachings of many other great spiritual paths, including esoteric Christianity and the wisdom teachings of the Masters of the Far East, presents a journey into the secrets of this mighty land.

In this Presentation You Will Learn:

Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The Powerful Role of the Master Initiate Thoth

The Structure of the Great Mystery Schools and Its Principles

The Wisdom of the Kore Kosmu

The Precepts of the Emerald Tablets

How Egypt is Connected with Ancient Atlantis

Evidence of this Once Powerful Land

The Hidden Teachings of Thoth

The Purpose of Spiritual Alchemy

The Wisdom of the Hermetica

The Prophecy for Our Age

Secrets from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Seven Precepts of Hermetic Law Upon Which the Universe is Built

And the Path of Ascension Called the Great Work


Emerald TabletCome join us for this extraordinary glimpse into the Great Egyptian Mystery Schools with historian, researcher, clairvoyant, author and teacher Tricia McCannon. This is one event you won’t want to miss!

This presentation will be presented live in July in Washington State, Oregon and Vancouver. More Information to Come!

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Tricia McCannon is a renowned American clairvoyant, historian, author, and teacher who has traveled the world in search of answers to the greatest Mysteries of the Ages. For over two decades she has been a Headliner at Conferences in both Europe and America. As a mystical symbologist and initiate in many ancient paths of wisdom, she has appeared on over 200 radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland, Gaiam TV and a number of international documentaries. She the author of three acclaimed books: Dialogues with the Angels, The Return of the Divine Sophia, and Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions. Her latest book, The Angelic Origins of the Soul: Discovering Your Divine Purpose, is due out in the Fall of 2017 through Inner Traditions.

Initiated in many ancient streams of wisdom, her workshops are a powerful synthesis of history and mystical wisdom. She is the Founder of the Phoenix Fire Lodge Mystery School in Atlanta, a Bishop in the Madonna Ministries, and the author of over 30 DVD’s and 13 on-line classes. As a healer, hypnotherapist and clairvoyant, she has given Readings to over 6000 people worldwide in her continuing commitment to inner awakening and world unity.

Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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