Eureka Springs UFO Conference

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Join Us This April
For the Longest Running UFO Conference in America


April 13-April 15th
Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center
207 W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Hotel Phone: 479-253-9768

Each year for the past 30 years, hundreds of people arrive in Arkansas to attend the Eureka Springs UFO Conference, held in the NW corner of Arkansas near Fayetteville, AK. The audience is usually between 500 and 700 people who come to discover the latest and greatest happenings in the exploration of Extraterrestrial contact, both past and present. Registration takes place on Thursday afternoon April 12th, between 4:00 and 6:00, and the event itself starts Friday morning, running through 1:00 PM on Sunday.

THIS YEAR’S SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Richard Dolan, Linda Mouton Howe, Tricia McCannon, Nick Redfern, Stanton Friedman, Grant Cameron, Chase Kloetzke, Marc D’Antonio, Nancy Tremaine, Donna Lyn, with Entertainers Sean Paul & Julia and MC Forest Crawford.

There is also a Vendor’s area with books, jewelry, pyramids, inventive technology, and the latest in “out of this world” memorabilia.

Saturday Night there is also a Speaker’s Dinner starting at 7:00 pm where you can get to know and meet  the Speakers.

While the entire Conference Event (excluding the Speaker’s Dinner) only costs $150 in person, and under $50 for Live Streaming, you can also choose to come for one, two, or even three days a la carte. Those price and Registration can be easily found by going to the website.

The Contact Information and the Link is Down Below.
Just click on the link for Ozark Mountain Publishing, the Producers  and Sponsors of the event, and take a look around.
There’s a button link at the top where you can register.

Hope to see you there!!

P.O. Box 754 , Huntsville, AR 72740, United States | 479-738-2348 |



Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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