"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."


Blueprint of the Soul imageHey guys, so I’m back in Atlanta for the entire month of October and am teaching a wonderful five-week class on “FINDING YOUR PURPOSE THROUGH THE BLUEPRINT OF THE SOUL.”  Here’s a little bit about it down below:

Discovering the true purpose of our Soul was one of the primary purposes of the Great Spiritual Mystery Schools and the Sages and philosophers of the past. Who are we as a Soul and why have we come to Earth?  Where were we before we came into this life, and where do we go when we die?  What is our TRUE PURPOSE here and how can we find a way to fulfill that purpose in this lifetime? This extraordinary series of classes focuses on the heart of the Mysteries, helping us to rise above the mundane view of life and discover the deeper meaning behind the many turnings of the Wheel of Fortune. As we begin to understand the nature and mechanisms of the Divine Plan, we begin to also get a clearer picture of the vast creative potential and magnificence of who we really are.


What is the nature of the Soul, and how are we connected with God, the Angels, and the Divine? Where were we before we came into this incarnation and what happens when we die?  Are we mortal or immortal, and what is the Soul’s purpose in even coming to Earth? How can we discover who we really are and what we are here to do? How old are we as a Soul and how does our age play into the vast human dramas we see all around us?

This first class begins a discussion about the NINE ORDERS OF THE ANGELS from which we all originally descended, and how the Soul emerges from remembrance to forgetfulness, and then back again, as we move forward in our  true Quest for Mastery. It also addresses the many phases of the Soul’s evolution from the BEGINNER SOUL to the MASTER SOUL, and how we can begin to discover our true SOUL’S ORIGINS.


Discovering our GENESIS MATRIX is the first step in understanding how the Soul becomes layered with its many gifts and talents. Knowing this, we can also see how these gifts and proclivities follow us throughout our many lifetimes, both in the physical plane and also in the Higher Realms. This second evening delves into our connection with the Four Elemental Kingdoms and the Devic Realms… Kingdoms that grant us gifts and abilities, depending on our alignment (or lack of alignment) with these realms. Understanding our connection with the Elemental Kingdoms also explains why some people are more attuned to the INNER GIFTS of Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, or Knowing  – talents that emerge in our INNER SENSES as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudient, and Claircognitive awareness. In this second class we will begin processes to actively explore how to awaken to our GIFTS and to learn how to use these INNER SENSES in the discovery of our true Life’s Purpose.


Now that we understand the DIVINE ORIGINS of the Soul and how we have been layered with certain Inner Sensitivities, we can begin to discover the KARMIC and DHARMIC ARC of our life. Knowing this ARC will lead us to the discovery of our TRUE PURPOSE. This ARC is composed of both our KARMA and our DHARMA.  KARMA is defined here as the pain and suffering and challenges that we face as a child or a teenager. Our DHARMA is defined as our Life’s Mission. DHARMA is a Sanskrit word meaning WORK, or in this case YOUR LIFE’S WORK. For some the focus is about creativity or empowerment. For others it is about service or healing. For some it is about bravery or protection, and for others it is about raising a family and learning the unifying power of love, loyalty and spiritual connection.

This highly interactive evening is about helping you plot your own KARMIC DHARMIC ARC, and then begin to reframe the events of your past to discover just why you have come to Earth with your unique life circumstances at this particular time.


Now that we have begun to discover the real reasons behind why we incarnated in our families of origin, and why we endured the challenges that we have face, we have begun to glimpse the purpose of our TRUE LIFE MISSION.  Now we can begin to look at the many things that lodge in the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that might block us from discovering or completing our missions. What are the SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKS that we can have to our love, our power, our communication, and our purpose? And knowing what they are, how can we get rid of them so that they no longer interfere with our spiritual progress?

This fascinating evening delves into the nature of the many kinds of blocks and traumas that keep us out of our power, and out of connection from our true AUTHENTIC SELF.  We take a look at VOWS, CURSES, BINDINGS, ERRONEOUS BELIEF SYSTEMS FORMED IN TIMES OF TRAUMA, and OLD SOUL CONTRACTS that no longer serve us. And we discuss the many ways that we can jettison these things so that they no longer block us from our health, wealth, joy and prosperity.


The last class in this series addresses the four major ways that people might try to take our power and pull us from our true LIFE’S MISSION. We also take a serious look at the well conditioned self-defense mechanisms that have been built into our culture… all of which are about trying to keep us wounded, unaware, and still ensnared in the traps of our wounding. This evening is about remembering the Soul’s true curriculum… a course of Mastery that includes both the PATH OF LOVE and the PATH OF POWER. Both paths are needed to achieve complete Mastery… a path long represented by THE TREE OF LIFE and the WAY OF THE RETURN that leads us back to awakening, and to the joy of our own Divine Nature.

Join us for an amazing month of  spiritual experiences that will forever change the way you look at the Universe around you and yourself!

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