Mary Magdalene & the Return of the Goddess

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

A Six-Part On-Line Course Offered through
Sacred Stories Media & Sacred U (University)

$144 to Register and then Listen to All Six Classes at Your Own Leisure
Over 9 Hours of a Powerful Inspiring Journey Into the Heart of the Goddess

Today people all over the world are awakening to the presence of the Divine Mother, not only in Her form as Mary, the Queen of Heaven, but also in the archetypes of her ancient guises. In truth, the Great Mother has been known by many names in every culture of the world, and there was once a time in human history when She was thought to be the greatest expression of the Creator. In those ages, men and women lived together in partnership, harmony, and equality, ruling nations and overseeing communities in peace.

In this era we honored the natural cycles of the Universe, and viewed each living being as precious – an intricate part of the whole. We studied the seasons, the cycles of life,  and saw the connection between all things in the Circle of Life. Our ancestors encoded this wisdom into the triune system of the Triple Goddess, now hidden within the great spiritual Mysteries. We embraced many archetypes for both women and men, allowing us to express ourselves as warriors, artists, healers, teachers, visionaries and leaders. These Mysteries taught a balance that today we seem to have forgotten, urging us to awaken to the Divine spark within us all.

This six-part series on the history and mysteries of the Great Mother takes you on a journey into the hidden archaeology and symbols of  the Divine Feminine, the true story of Mary Magdalene and the Magdalene Order of Wise Woman, and the Secrets that have been hidden for so long in the Quest of the Holy Grail. It is presented in six awe inspiring classes.

opening presentation invites you to discover why the remembrance of the Divine Mother is so critical to us today as we struggle to bring balance back to our world. We invite you to take the first steps into the initiation of the Sacred Mother.   

PART I: Initiation Into the Great Mother

PART II: The Hidden History of the Divine Mother

PART III: The Lost Symbols of the Goddess

PART IV: Mary Magdalene and the Return of the Divine Sophia

PART V: Mary Magdalene and the Search for the Holy Grail

PART VI: The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene & the Path of Mastery


Discover the True History of Mary Magdalene and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

For over 1500 years the Legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail have resonated through human history. But why have they endured? How are these legends connected with the stories of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Britain, and the rumors of their children and royal lineage? How are these legends linked to the Knights Templars, the Masons and the Scottish Knights? How are they connected to the Quest for the Divine Feminine and the Holy Grail?  Is it possible that the Grail was once a Quest to find the true bloodlines of Mary Magdalene and Jesus and restore their wisdom to the world? This powerful workshop takes you on a fascinating journey into the heart of the Grail Mysteries, tying together the pieces of a complex puzzle that has been hidden in the symbolism of the Mysteries for centuries.

Early Gnostics recorded over 250 wisdom sayings by Mary Magdalene that are mostly unknown to the world at large. Yet Mary and Jesus were joined in teaching a path of wisdom with the power to bring our world back into balance today. This is called the Way of the Chalice, and like the Goddess, this wisdom has the power to open our inner senses, activate our creativity, ignite our spiritual gifts, heal our broken relationships, and mend our world. In this closing segment we explore how the Divine Mother became lost in human history, how it has impacted our world, and a few of the many appearances of the Divine Mother in countries around the world. We also explore the wisdom teachings of Mary Magdalene, the path of the Goddess and the gifts that she brings us today, as well as the Path of Mastery once taught by Jesus and Mary Sophia that can empower us to reclaim our balance as a world. This Way of the Chalice is not only a course in personal mastery, but a profound and essential step for us as we enter the 21st Century.

Join Us. For Only $144 you too can Discover Why It is So Important that the Divine Face of the Creator be restored to our world!


Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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