"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."


Mount Shasta BannerHey Everyone! I’m just back from speaking at the wonderful Mount Shasta Ascension Portal Conference that was held September 12, 13, and 14th up in Mount Shasta, California, about four hours north of the San Francisco Bay area. First off, it was a wonderful event with about 150 people there. The producer, Rob Potter managed to pull the event off with only four short months of preparation, so we take our hat off to him. And the speakers were also great and surprisingly spiritual and metaphysical.

My wonderful friend Robert Perala spoke about the nature of the Soul’s journey as it reincarnates through time. James Gilliland, who owns abut 70 acres of property in Oregon where many extraterrestrial space ships come in virtually every night, showed video clips from some of their recent UFO sightings. Byron Belistos did a great presentation on the Urantia book. Readers who follow that book know that it is about 2000 pages of onion skin channeling or downloading, and even for scholars like me, it is an intimating read. So his highly logical, well organized slide presentation gave everyone a cliff notes version of that impenetrable text. I had not seen Michael El Legion on many years on the speaking circuit, but he and Rob Potter also did lovely presentations that were spiritually insightful and uplifting. And my presentation on the scientific, astronomical and hermetic meanings of the Age of Aquarius shift was met with an audience that definitely wanted more.

I will return to the San Francisco Bay area to do a two day presentation at the wonderful East West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA, in only two months. Those dates are November 15 & 16th for a Weekend Workshop Event on THE BLUEPRINT OF THE SOUL. Unfortunately the seating is limited to only 25 people, but for those interested in signing up, just call the bookstore at 650-988-9880. It’s only $188 if you preregister early.

And I’ve set my plane tickets so that I can stay over for about four days and see clients out there. So for any of you interested in scheduling a reading or a clearing, just call me this month at home. I’m deep in the edits for my new book with Inner Traditions that is coming out March 1st, of 2015, but I will answer the phone or return your calls. Much love, and I’ll be posting again soon! Tricia

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