Ohio Speaking Events – Oct 2013

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Veteran’s Memorial Hall –  300 West Broad Street – Downtown Columbus

Saturday October 12th – 4:30 to 6:00 PM – Workshop:
The Richard Nolan Room

Divine Self Inner AwakeningToday, as we stand at the precipice of an entirely New Age, many ask: “What does it mean? How am I affected? What should I prepare for?”  GALACTIC AWAKENING is a complex subject that encompasses the disciplines of astronomy, UFO’s, polar shifts, astrophysics, Anunnaki gods, the hidden history of mankind, lost Atlantis, and the esoteric study of electromagnetic fields. How is this knowledge linked to Extraterrestrial visitations, the passing of the planet Nibiru, the Earth Changes we see all around us, the rising heat index, and Solar Flares? How is it connected to the prophecies of the return of the last White Buffalo, the return of the Elder Gods, and the prophecies of the end of the Age? What is the science behind this Cosmic Clockwork that propels us and the Earth towards awakening?


Sunday October 13th – 1:-1:45 PM -Lecture:

Jesus and the White BrotherhoodThis profoundly inspiring presentation introduces us to the secret life of Jeshua ben Joseph, taking us into his many years of training with the Great White Brotherhood, a group of sages who understood that when scientific knowledge outstrips spiritual maturity, it can result in great devastation for the world. Today most of us have little awareness that for thousands of years before Jesus was born, there had long been a network of powerful spiritual initiates who had long preserved the spiritual technologies earned by mankind in earlier stages of civilization. These sages passed down these teachings in a course of systematized study within the ancient Mystery Schools. These initiates then became the priests and priestesses of many spiritual traditions, including the Essenes, the Druids, the Egyptian Therapeutae, the Persian Magi, the Priestesses of Isis and many others.  This amazing presentation takes us on a journey into the discovery of just who and what the Great White Brotherhood is, what it teaches, how it is active in our world today, and how it is linked with the profound life and teachings of the great Master Jesus. This is a perfect introduction to the Mysteries and how they are reflected in his work.

3110 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202

To Register Call 614-268-3100

Wednesday Night October 16th: 7:00 t0 9:30 PM
25 in Advance/$25 at the Door

The Philosopher's Stone

What is the Philosopher’s Stone? Is it an fabulous gem that can turn lead into gold?  Is it an immoral elixir that gives eternal life? Or is it a metaphor for the transformation of the matter into Spirit, representing no less than the spiritual enlightenment of the personality itself? In this powerful introduction to the Great Spiritual Mysteries we learn about the great World Teacher, Thoth, and the esoteric language of Hermetics called “the Language of the Soul.” We discover the 3-step process of enlightenment known as “the Great Work,” and how this is related to the expression that one must be “born again” to see the Kingdom of Heaven.  Discover how these essential truths have inspired hundreds of thousands of initiates the world over, giving them a first-hand experience of the transcendent beauty and power of the Divine, and how this process of transformation is embodied in the life-giving wisdom of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Thursday Night October 17th: 7:00 t0 9:30 PM –
$20 in Advance/$25 at the Door

Male and Female Christ

The Mysteries of the Sacred Marriage, or the divine Hierogamos, lies at the heart of the greatest teachings of ancient wisdom, yet it is also the most elusive of all the secret rites. This fairy tale desire for the Sacred Marriage lies is at the center of every love story, adventure tale, or swept away romance told by writers throughout the ages. But what is the Sacred Marriage exactly, and why was it so important within the Mysteries? How is it linked to the ancient gods and goddesses, and how does it exist within us? Why is it the stuff of endless fairy tales and how does it relate to the ancient Schools of Wisdom? How is it expressed in our romantic relationships, and what does it mean at the level of soul mastery? Do we need a partner to experience it, and is it possible to become enlightened without it?  If we do have a partner, how do we know if we have found the right one? Join us as the mysteries of love, romance, and spiritual awakening come to light and the true meaning of the Divine Hierogamos is revealed.

Sunday Workshop: 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM
$99 in Advance/$122 at the Door

Entering the MysteriesThis fabulous One-Day Workshop is a perfect Introduction to the Great Spiritual Mysteries taught by the Masters of the Egyptian and Celtic Mysteries some 4000 years before the birth of Jesus and some 400 years after the Crucifixion. This highly interactively workshop is deeply experiential as we discover the underlying structure and core of their Precepts and teachings, and how these teachings are directly related to the process of Spiritual Mastery in our own lives today. Over the course of the day we work in groups of two, three and four people, as well as doing Spiritual Vision work by alone, to discover the underlying powers that are operating in your life, and how they can be integrated with one another to bring us into greater personal understanding, and Union with our Higher Selves. I death is workshop can be taken by people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, and is designed to help you discover your own alignments with your Inner Male and Inner Female, and how these can be harmonized with the Higher Self to bring us into harmony and Sacred Union.

Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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