"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Welcome and thanks for joining us. We have a variety of Exciting Programs that you can Browse through on this Site that fall into a Number of Categories.



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For Audiophiles we have both Free and Paid for Downloadable PODCASTS, a library that we are committed to continuing to build for our listeners. These presentations are all rich with information and professionally done, so they are easy to listen to, and as time allows we will try to have these so that they can be downloaded to portal headsets to listen to, whether you are walking in the part, exercising on a treadmill, or making a road trip.

By the end of 2014 we also hope to have two new BOOKS ON TAPE that can be digitally downloaded as well.


We have an entire collection of short videos on a variety of subjects, and for now these are all available without membership. As this collection grows, we will be creating more of these for those who want to study more deeply.

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After nearly seven years of requests, we have finally launched the First Level of the Phoenix Fire Mystery School Classes on-line. These can be sent to you as PDF files that look just like books, with beautiful cover art, illustrations, exercises, processes and loads of amazing information. Take a look through these 12 Programs, and don’t forget that you can order the INTRODUCTION TO THE MYSTERIES PDF file for free, a $20 value, being offered for a limited time to all who are interested in knowing more about the Mystery Schools.

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Browse through our powerful Series of Webinars that will start in the Fall of 2013 and Winter of 2014. You can sign up for these Webinars now and we will alert you to when they are coming. Most are Four Part 90 minute Evenings and once they are created, you will still be able to watch and listen in on the Archived Versions, although only those who sign up for the live evenings will be able to ask questions and actively participate.


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Whether hosting the amazing community of Damanhur Italy or bringing a Premier Speaker to the Atlanta area, we do occasionally host other Speakers and Personal Programs for Transformation here in the South East. You can always find them on this site, however when if you sign up for the Free Newsletter, we will let you know ahead of time when they are happening.


Tricia has spoken at dozens of national and international venues, including

Tricia on Panel Conscious Life Expo

Conferences in England, Peru, Egypt, Italy, France, and of course, America. As the Mysteries Expert, she speaks at Conferences, Colleges, Churches and University settings to audiences of 1000 people or more, as well as addressing smaller, more private groups, organizations, or gatherings. Immensely entertaining, thought provoking, and mind-bending, her workshops are packed to capacity. Her inspiring lectures are one to two hours long, and many have been developed into one and two-day seminars. Her work can be customized to fit any audience or venue. Check out the Speaking Programs page for a list of her many presentations. A veteran of over 175 radio and television shows, she is quite at home with the press, the public and any advance media interviews.

Her subjects can be divided into several distinct categories.
To take a look at her many speaking programs click on any of the links below.

The Jewish Mysteries
The Egyptian Mysteries
The Christian Mysteries
Faith, Healing & Personal Empowerment
Awakening to the Divine Feminine
The Great Spiritual Mysteries & Alchemist Dream Series
Beyond This World: Angels & UFO’s Series
Galactic Alignment & Earth Revelations Series

She can be reached through phone by calling 404-355-2211 or through her email at

Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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