"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."


Star of David astrology 2013Hey Everyone! I seem to be on an Astrological roll, taking a look at the Heavens.  While I have just posted a new article about the Birth Chart of young Prince George, this post is about the upcoming configuration of the Six-Pointed Star of David that is happening this Monday Night on July 29th. What are the major players in this alignment and what does it mean? Well, the good news is that the six-pointed Star is a sign of Harmony and Peace, and usually denotes something positive and flowing. The symbol is made by two intersecting Grand Trines, so let’s examine the planets in each triangle to see which planets are involved.

The first Grand Trine includes Neptune, the Visionary, Jupiter, the Spiritual Teacher, and Saturn, which represents King, existing structure, or government. This is clearly something positive that is being played out in the world arena with the announcement of the birth of young Prince of England. The second Grand Trine includes Venus (the Divine Mother, Love and Beauty), the Moon or feeling, just now going into its waning phase after being full a week ago, and Pluto. Its appearance in Capricorn signifys the death of the old regime which gives way to the new.

How can we use it in our daily lives if we don’t happen to be Prince William or Princess Kate? Take a look at the blessings in your life that come from love, spirituality, emotions, art, beauty, inspiration and creativity, and open your heart to allow those things to expand. Consider also what doesn’t work for you anymore in your everyday structure of your life, represented by the sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn. Let those things fall away and give way to the new (Mr. Pluto, of course, the Master of transformation).

Flame of LightLight a candle on Monday night. Do some ceremony or prayer work. Dance on the grass with friends. Shout to the Mother Moon. Draw the six sided configuration on an altar with some candles, choosing different colors to represent the different energies of Love, Learning, Feeling, Inspiration, Old Structure, and New Structure. Then decide what you want to change in your life and call in your Angels and Guides to help you move it along with grace and thanksgiving. God is everywhere. In the Heavens and on Earth. Use this portal well.


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