The Divine Feminine

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Welcome to “Awakening the Divine Feminine” Teaching Series

The Many Faces of Sophia, the Eternal Mother

Throughout all the Ages the image of the Divine Mother Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, has been painted, sculpted and loved. Known as both the Queen of Heaven and of Earth, She is best known to us today as Mary. Yet long ago she was known as Isis, She of 10,000 names and 10,000 faces. This visually spectacular presentation is a journey through the many faces of the Goddess. From Sophia to Bast, Athena to Ma’at, Aphrodite to Freya, we take a look at the Warrior Goddess, the Love Goddesses, the Wisdom Goddesses and the Cosmic Goddesses. Breathtaking in its scope and beauty, this presentation will remind each and everyone of us, of the long neglected side of the Creatress of Life.

Mary Magdalene & the Eternal Goddess

Sophia Goddess of WisdomPerhaps one of the most beloved and yet dishonored of all spiritual initiates, today Mary Magdalene is once more emerging into the world in a place of light. From the pages of the recently discovered Nag Hammadi texts we soon learn that Mary the Magdalene was not only considered the dearest “constant companion” of the Master Jesus, but also called the Apostle of the Apostles, “the one who knew the All.”

Scorned by the patriarchy for centuries as a prostitute, and used as an icon to vilify women everywhere, Mary has only recently begun to emerge from the character assassination done to her by the early Church.

But where did the rumor of Mary Magdalene’s “sinful” life originate? Who could have begun it, and for what reasons? How did it serve the agenda of the militaristic Roman Church, and how does it still serve them today? How is Mary Magdalene linked to the Goddess, and how does her life parallel that of Isis, the Mother of Egypt. What were the sacred rites she was trained in, and how do they relate to the archetypal story of Jesus? Was there a divine feminine counterpart for Christ, as there has been for Rama and Sita, Vishnu and Lakshmi, Krishna and Radha?

This beautiful and poignant presentation about the Divine Feminine provides answers for us all that are profound, insightful and life changing. We invite you to join us as we explore the hidden Mysteries of “Mary Magdalene & the Eternal Goddess.”

The Hierogamos – The Sacred Marriage

The Mysteries of the Divine Hierogamos lies at the heart of the greatest teachings of wisdom in the ancient world. The Hierogamos is at the heart of every love story, every tale of adventure, and every swept away romance told by writers, story tellers, poets and playwrights throughout the centuries.

But what is it exactly and why is it so important? Why is it the stuff of yearning and endless fantasy? How does it relate to our spirituality and to the ancient Schools of Hermetic Wisdom? How can we perceive it in the outer world, and how does it play out in our own psyches?

When did the Hierogamos start? What was it originally? How was it historically linked to the gods and goddesses that seeded our planet? Do we indeed need a partner to find it, and can we become enlightened without it? And if we do have a partner, how do we know if we have found the right one? Join us as the mysteries of love, romance, and spiritual awakening continue and as the true meaning of the Divine Hierogamos is revealed. Couples and singles welcome!

The Goddess & the Cycles of Celestial Time

The ancients knew that there are three kinds of time: lunar time, solar time, and galactic time, and that our world is directly affected by all three. For as long as human memory can remember, the cycles of the Moon have always been linked to the Divine Feminine. The Moon, in all her many phases, represents the changing cycles of mortal life, for we can observe her passage around our planet every 28 days. And while many of us know that the tides are attuned to the Moon, most of us have forgotten in our modern day culture that the growing cycles of minerals, plants and animals are also linked to its magnetic force. Controlled experiments conducted by the Transcendental Meditation group, also reveal that human responses of sexuality and violence are directed affected by the waxing and waning cycles of the lunar orb.

Furthermore, there are solar cycles of energy that bathe the Earth as the Sun goes through its magnetic cycles every 11 years, a number long associated with the Gateways of Knowledge. These solar cycles also affect the Precession of the Equinoxes, a 26,000 year cycle that informs all of human consciousness. And last, but certainly not least, there is Galactic time, a subject that connects us with the very heart of the Cosmos.

The Tree of Life, the Sacred Serpent and the Five Elements

Ascension Codes & Tree of LifeMystical teachings throughout the ages have spoken of the Tree of Life. But what is it and how does it relate to each one of us? How is this knowledge connected with the Keys to Ascension, with the ancient prophets of the Bible, and with the power of Jesus? How is it linked to the Divine Mother, the Kabbalah and the alchemical processes sought by Magicians throughout the centuries? What are the Five Elements and the Four Sacred Hallows, Hallows immortalized by the last book of the Harry Potter series. How are these “mythical” objects entwined with the lives of each and every one of us? This visually gorgeous power point presentation takes us through a marvelous labyrinth of cultures and wisdom teachings, illuminating the beauty and depth of the true Tree of Life, and charting a roadmap back to the Divine – a roadmap that can lead us the Source of Life itself.

Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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