"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."


Male and Female ChristHey Everyone,I have just signed with a wonderful new Literary Agent for my next book and am very excited. Devra is fabulous and now that the new website if up and running, I am back into writing on the new book. The current title is AWAKENING THE HEART OF THE NEW WORLD AGE. What do you think? I love the name. The theme of this book is about awakening the Divine Feminine and moving into a more balanced partnership model between men and women, both personally and globally. The current subtitle is also quite revealing. It is RECLAIMING THE LOST WISDOM TEACHINGS OF JESUS AND THE DIVINE MOTHER. Since this book contains some of the many secret documents and gospels that I acquired in my many years of research on the LOST YEARS OF JESUS book, this new book has over four chapters on these teachings. They are very powerful and include teachings of Reincarnation, being kind to animals, and the Abba/Amma or Father/Mother of the All. More on this later…

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