The Greater Angels

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Excerpt Continued from
Discovering Your Divine Purpose

  Angels, Devas & the Human Kingdom

Uriel with scrollSo now let us take a deeper look at how the human kingdom is connected with the angelic one. For many centuries traditional religions have taught that Angels and humans are essentially different species. In other words, a human will never evolve into an Angel and vis-versa. While it is easy to understand how human beings have believed this, because the very nature of human beings is concrete, limited and mortal, and that of Angels is ethereal, transcendent and immortal, this is not true. In truth, each one of us begins our journey in the Devic Kingdom. The ancient wisdom reminds us:

“To many of us it is a familiar thought that men and angels belong to a composite body, that they work together to fulfill the purposes of nature law and human evolution. But to many of us it is quite a different matter to begin to realize that each man is not only human, but is also devic in the most profound aspects of his nature. He is indeed man and deva in his own right, and these two inseparable parts of himself constitute the whole individual, one part totally unable to function without the other.”[15]

The Tri Fold Flame of the Sacred Heart

Blue Light of Pure SpiritIn truth, each Soul begins as a pure White Fire Flame being encircling the tri-fold flame of the Sacred Heart. This heart is composed of the three lights of the Divine Mother, Father and Holy Child. They colors are blue, rose and gold. This is the tri-fold Flame of the heart, the eternal Trinity that lives within us all, and the core of our being as a Soul.

This tri-fold aspect is far more important than we realize, for as long as the masculine and feminine aspects of us remain separated, then we will forever be out of balance. In fact, one of the great secrets to the awakening of the Third Eye is through the activation and balancing of the two sides of our brains. When these two polarities are unified, we gain access into the inner realms, one of the many meanings behind Jesus’ statement in the Gospel of Thomas that “When we make the two eyes into the one…. then we shall see the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Using this same principle of the third point as the unifying force, our mastery must take place in the third dimension because it is the perfect balancing point between the in-breath of God and the out-breath of God. It is actually the only place in all of creation where these two tidal forces are of equal draw, and so it is here that we must awaken the Soul, if we are ever to find lasting union.

When the Soul was sent down into the third dimension, it was also decreed that our purest, most divine essence would remain behind in the higher realms of Light. This was to ensure our safe return while traveling in these confusing lower realms. Thus our Divine Parents invested the pure White Flame of our being, which is situated at the Causal level, with the responsibly of holding our Divine blueprint, even while another portion of us descends into the physical world and goes about having many lives, many deaths, and many rebirths.

Devas, Elementals and Men

The Soul's Diamond BodyThe Soul itself, the Tuza, descends from the Ocean of Love and Mercy where it has been in total Oneness. But now it is challenged to begin the journey of learning individuation. When this pure White Flame begins its descent from the Ocean of Love and Mercy, it first enters the sixth and seventh dimensions. At this point it has no experience of life, nothing that marks it as separate from any other spark in the body of God.

It is only aware of the One Eternal Reality that connects us to the whole, but it has a limited awareness of anything other than swimming in the Cosmic Sea, and its desire to serve the Universal Plan. Thus in order to grow, the Soul must acquire a series of subtle energy bodies that will allow it to build its own experiences, just as we must have a physical body to participate on this plane of existence.

In the seventh dimension the Soul acquires a Soul body. In the sixth dimensions it takes on a Spiritual Etheric or Buddhic Body, sometimes referred to as the Rainbow body because of its brilliant colors. In these two higher dimensions, it also acquires a devic matrix.

The word Deva is the same as the word Angel, yet the Devic Kingdom includes trillions of diverse beings, from the smallest plant Elemental to the fairies, from personal Guardian Angels to the largest Archangel. But since these beings have not obtained a Mental, Astral, or Causal body, they are not anchored in the third or fourth dimensional realms as we are. Their Souls are anchored in the fifth, sixth and seventh, even though they may be on assignment in the lower realms. With some exceptions, these beings are invisible to human beings unless they wish to be seen, or else a person has developed her Inner Sight.

The Symphony of the Devic Kingdom

Angel Cloud SpiritTheosophist Maria Parisen writes: “Each entity from the smallest to the highest has its own particular work to perform, and just as the most exalted Deva uses His mighty intelligence in the forming of world destinies, so the little Nature Spirit uses his intelligence in directing the processes of the [mineral, animal and] vegetable kingdoms.”[16]

Like a great symphonic orchestra with millions of instruments, these beings serve the Divine Plan, each according to its own nature, spiritual maturity, and ability to channel the divine forces. Thus a Soul may appear as a whirling gas cloud, a plasma being, or the translucent intelligences that surround the world of nature.

In time, it will learn to direct the life force energies of a tree, a forest or a mountain, overseeing the worlds of nature to sustain and amplify already existing universal templates. This capacity to direct the energies of the universe is gained over time, so in the beginning, a deva may only be able to encourage the life force in a flower, a stone or a bush.

“While the nature of Angels and humans often seems to be that of opposites, in truth what we are seeing are beings who are at very different phases of their evolution. Nature Spirits have not acquired an ego yet, and the complexities of human layering have not been given to them.”[17]

They are at the front end of the involutionary wave, in the early stages of individuation, while human beings are in the middle of their journeys. Eventually that devic being will take birth as a human being in the third dimension, acquiring the additional subtle bodies along the way. Over time it will acquire more and more complexity and learn greater individuation, through the power of personal choice. Eventually it will begin the journey towards self-mastery, eventually graduating from Earth school altogether.

Thus human beings are at the outermost realm of the involutionary wave, preparing to begin our return to the Source.  We are caught equally between the two waves of Creation, exactly in the middle of our journeys, while mystics and masters have already taken the next step towards reunion with the Source. This wide range of choices, along with Free Will, allows us to experience all the extremes of suffering, pain and sorrow inherent in the belief that we are alone in the cosmos. Hard as this might seem, our return is based on our finding a way out of this illusion.

It is because of the difficulty of this Course Curriculum that great dispensation is given to human beings, and that even the smallest acts of kindness and nobility are credited to our evolutionary progress after every life. This is also the reason that the Plant Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, and the Angelic forces are so supportive of us, despite our seemingly self-destructive natures. In time, these devic forces will also make the same journey that we have, and then we shall be their elder brothers and sisters working behind the scenes to assist them.

A Slice Out of the Soul Records of a Devic Spirit

Hypnotherapist Delores Cannon writes about this journey of the Soul in the past life regression sessions she has done for countless individuals. Some of whom report lives on other planets, as well as lives in the celestial realms before every coming to Earth. In Legacy from the Stars she shares the account of a young man whose sessions involved past lives in the Devic Kingdom. There he found himself spending thousands of years helping to maintain the energies of a star. He was acting as a plasma being who converted the noxious fumes of a planet into a breathable atmosphere, and learning how to transform the denser energies of matter like rocks.

Angel leading manIn one session he found himself in a classroom being taught by a higher being who was teaching the devas how energy moves. First it moves from thought to gas, then to denser matter, and finally to rock. When asked why the physical world had to be formed, this is what he said:

“Because that is God’s plan that spirit take the body of form. And that the Soul experience form… There must be spirit in matter. God must be experienced in matter… We are learning that each form, each level is just a denser form of spirit. Matter, I mean, ether, God… Life force must be in everything. Everything must be alive… Spirit must be able to live in the rocks… in those forms… Not alive, not as my soul. The life force is thinner. It keeps what I am alive.”[18]

When this being was asked about the purpose of evolution, this is what he said.

“To be, to know, in a moveable being. This is why I am, is to express, to know in a movable being, not as a rock… I feel that I am to know simplicity, and also complexity. I must know how to put things together for a greater purpose…. I must embrace the larger thing that I am. I am a little point, and I must expand myself to embrace all of God. I must learn to love more… I think I am to grow into a larger form than what I am now, in this life… more like an angelic larger form, where I will touch and teach and help and be with smaller forms, like a guardian angel… I think that is my destiny, to do this. I am created to do this.”[19]

The Greater Angels

Archangel Michael by MariusAs we know, within the Angelic Kingdom there are also what we call the “Greater Angels.” These are the great Archangels or Chohans referred to in spiritual literature. They are emissaries of light like Archangel Raphael, Michael and Gabriel. These are great spirits who have never descended into mortal form, but remained at the side of God for billions of years, helping to oversee our human evolution.

They may also be great Souls who have already completed their entire evolutionary program in an earlier great cycle of time. Thus these beings have acquired a consciousness that is far closer to God awareness. In this way the higher beings of light operate much like spiritual laws, having become direct extensions of the will of God. These profound beings are the overlighting Intelligences that assist in the running of the universe.

“Fundamentally,” clairvoyant Geoffrey Hodson tells us, “These Beings are directors of universal forces, power agents of the Logos… [God’s] engineers in the great creative process, which is regarded as continuous. [20]

According to the ancient wisdom there are several types of post-human entities. These include the Dhyani Chohans, the Lipika or Lords of Karma, the Mind-born Sons, the Sons of Light, the Builders, the Lords of Light and or Planetary Angels. Dhyani Chohans are equivalent to the highest Archangels and have achieved such enlightenment that they are put in charge of enormous universal forces, galaxies, and the flow of incoming rivers of Angelic cosmic Spirit Beingslight. “Those of the first group build or rather rebuild every [planetary] system after the Night [of God] when all manifestation goes into a dormant state. The second group of Builders is the Architect of our planetary chain exclusively, and the third [group] the progenitor of our humanity – the Macro-cosmic prototype of the microcosm.”[21]

Madame Blavatsky writes: “In sober truth… every ‘Spirit’, so-called, is either a disembodied or a future man. As from the highest Archangel down to the last conscious Builder, all such are men, having lived eons ago, in other Manvantaras [world ages],[22] on this or other Spheres; so the inferior, semi-intelligent and non-intelligent Elementals, are all future men. That fact alone – that a Spirit is endowed with intelligence  – is proof to the Occultists that that being must have been a man, and acquired his knowledge and intelligence through the human cycle.”[23]


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