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“The Meaning of the Christmas Tree and the Way of the Return!

DECEMBER 18, 2014

Cosmic Dreams with man and TreeThe Christmas Tree has long been a symbol of the enduring Spirit of Christ, but many of us may ask how this wonderful spiritual tradition first started and what it really means. Why do we place lights on the tree each year? Why do we decorate our trees with multicolored balls, and why are the trees cut from evergreens? What is the significance of the Star at the top of the tree and why do we put presents beneath its lovely limbs?

The traditions of the Christmas Tree go back to many ancient cultures who celebrated the return of the light just after the Winter Solstice that happens every December 21st. At that time the days are shortest and the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. Three days later the sun begins to rise again, echoing the story of Jesus, a great Solar Lord who died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. Each year as we put up our Christmas trees, we choose to remember our connection to the eternal Light of these higher spiritual worlds. The trees that were chosen were always evergreens: firs, junipers, hollies, pines and spruce trees because they represent the eternal quality of the Cosmic Tree of Life itself – a mystical symbol for the Path of Spiritual Return that takes us back into the heavenly realms.

Tree of LifeToday the Tree of Life is best known as the Kabbalah, a mystical teaching within the  Jewish Mysteries. Yet the wisdom of the Tree of Life was once taught within many great cultures including the Egyptian, Greek, Druid, and Persian Mystery Schools. The Tree of Life has three vertical paths all leading to the Source. The first path is the male aspect of the Divine Father; the second path is the female aspect of the Divine Mother; and the third path is the Central Way of the integration between these two polarities that finally leads to wholeness and true mastery.

Jesus taught this Middle Path as the WAY OF THE RETURN, while Buddha taught it as the MIDDLE WAY, and Thoth (the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt), taught it as the ANCIENT WAY, reminding us of the male and female aspects that we must all integrate if we are to open both our hearts and ours minds to the light of Christ consciousness.

Tree of Life ribbonThe lights on the tree are the many souls who are spread throughout the Universe. The balls represent the planets, or the spheres or sephiroth that support life at every dimensional level. And the zigzag path of the garland is the Lightening Path of the Kabbalah: another way of describing how the energies of God descend into the worlds of time and space. Finally the Star at the top of the tree represents not only the Eternal Source of Love  from which we call emanate (God), but the Crown of Mastery that we can attain, if we will only find the path of integration and follow it.  And the presents beneath the tree… these are the gifts of Spirit that come to us through our many various experiences in the worlds below: compassion, generosity, kindness, insight, wisdom and of course, love.

This Christmas, as you go about the task of putting up your Christmas Tree and taking it down again, please remember to honor its true cosmic significance. At the center of this symbolism is a reminder that through the spirit of unconditional love, kindness and generosity, we may find the true path of enlightenment and claim our own Christed natures.

Wishing You All A Magical Holiday Season!

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