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Cosmic Grid and Earth
Well, finally after three years the new site is up and live, but we still have a few little cyber kinks to work out. The major two are how to download our friendly neighborhood PODCASTS and E-BOOKS so that it is all automated. Interestingly enough I had someone order the E-BOOKS yesterday and today on-line, and of course I was able to send them out immediately via email, just as I have for the past 18 months, since the time that I announced on COAST TO COAST AM that we had finally finished writing all 12 courses in the First Level of the Mystery School.

Since then people have called, written, and emailed for the classes, sent me Paypal money and checks by mail, and they have been delivered straight away. However… in an ideal cyber world, I would love for them to automatically download to you. That way you’ll have them in only minutes, even if I’m out of town speaking.

So… I called a Web Wizard today and hopefully this will all be resolved in the next week or so. In the meantime, you can still order books, CDs, DVDs, and online classes to your heart’s content.  And listen to the YouTube Videos.

After this, the next exciting cyber adventure  is the dynamic logistics of producing those WEBINARS!! That may be our next Blog Installment! We’ll see. That’s if for today. Signing off, live and in person,

Tricia White Dove

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