Webinar: Blueprint of the Soul

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

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WHEN: Saturday October 7, 2017

WHAT TIME: 3:00 Noon to 6:00 PM EST – Noon to 3:00 Pacific Time

HOW: Go to www.portaltoascension.org to Register



blueprint manThis powerful visual odyssey takes you on a journey into the breathtaking landscapes of Heaven, examining our Genesis Matrix, the place where each one of us first began. It charts our progress through the Angelic Realms as we journey into the realms of forgetfulness on Earth to fall under the illusion that we are  not worthy, alone, abandoned or betrayed by the Creator – all negative illusions that the Ego falls prey to, which keeps us from remembering our own Eternal natures.

This is the introduction presentation to Tricia’s latest book, THE ANGELIC ORIGINS OF THE SOUL: DISCOVERING YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE, due out through Inner Traditions October 2017.  In it you will learn the core concepts behind the beauty, power, and primordial divinity embedded within every living being.

You Will Also Discover:

  • The Angelic Origins of the Soul

  • The Nature of your Being and Where You Came from

  • The Nine Orders of the Angels that Each of Us Has Descended From

  • The Three Lies of Adi Karma

  • The Reality of Your Spirit Guides

  • The Lords of Karma and Council of Elders

  • The Real Reason That You Chose to Come to Earth

  • The Course Curriculum for the Soul

  • Why is there so much Suffering here

  • How to Complete our Missions

  • How to Connect with our Angelic Twin

  • How to Regain our Eagle’s Sight to Rediscover Your Soul’s True Heritage

Come Join us on Saturday, October 7, as we take the incredible adventure of the Soul, and discover more about your own Angelic origins, what you are doing here on Earth, and how to walk the Path of Mastery in this lifetime.




Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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