Webinar: Jesus Mysteries

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."



Four Week Webinar Class – $100 for the Series – Each Class is 90 minutes in length

Where was Jesus during the many missing years of his life that are not covered in the Bible?  This is the focus of this riveting four part series that introduces you to an amazing world of the Masters who stood behind Jesus’ world changing mission. Based entirely on historical records and documents, this series brings the many lost years and secret teachings of his life to light. It concludes with many of the powerful teachings that were taken out of our Bible by the orthodox “correctorites,” scribes who were instructed to edit the original Canonical gospels. Historically based.

  • Jesus and the Great White Brotherhood
  • The Lost Years of Jesus I
  • The Lost Years of Jesus II
  • The Secret Teachings


Jesus and the White BrotherhoodJesus and the Great White BrotherhoodWe begin by asking ourselves where was Jesus during the many missing years between his birth and when he began his ministry in Galilee. Most people do not even seem to realize that there are some 30 years of his life unaccounted for in the Bible. So what was Jesus doing to prepare for his mission? This brings us to the existence of the Great White Brotherhood, those powerful masters who had long awaited his birth. The three Wise Men were part of this Order who appear briefly in biblical accounts, and then seem to disappear. They were, in fact, members of this powerful spiritual Order who had long awaited his coming and supported him in his mission.

So what is the Great White Brotherhood and what did they believe? What were their core precepts? This uplifting presentation introduces you to the many chapters of the Melchizedek Order scattered throughout the world, along with its many teachers and symbols. We trace their wisdom through many lands into the temples of King Solomon and the Vatican, where its symbols were eventually conscripted by the Orthodox Church.   We learn about their ways of teaching, their knowledge of the great cycles of time, the doorways of initiation, and how this is connected with the Lions of Judah, the symbols of the Popes, and the Founding Fathers of America.


jesus-the-travelerJesus Lost Years IWe begin now to discover just where Jesus was during the first thirty years of his life. In this segment we begin with the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem. What was that famous Star and why was it so important to his story? How was it connected with the legends about the birth of the Sons of God? If it was an astrological event instead of a UFO that led the three Wise Men to the Nativity, when did this celestial alignment occur, and was there more than one? What are the specific dates when Jesus would have been born, and what was the hermetic significance of those dates within the Mystery Schools? How long was the Holy Family in Egypt and where did they live? Did Jesus travel to England with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea? When did he study with the Essenes, and when did he leave Galilee? Did he stud with the Druids and when did he travel to Persia and India? Part One of the Lost Years takes us up until his arrival in India.


Jesus Lost Years IIWe pick up with Jesus’ many years in India. Based on research from many lesser known documents we follow Jesus as he is trained by the Brahmins and begins to teach his own wisdom to nobles and peasants alike. We follow his six years among the Buddhists, his journeys through Persia and the Cave of Bokhara, and his return to Galilee around age 27. We follow him back to Britain and then into the Halls of Knowledge in ancient Egypt where he perfects his powerful spiritual abilities and skills for seven long years. And we discover his powerful alignments with the great Masters of the world who had long awaited his coming and supported him in his mission.


Jesus-MaryIn this class we dive into the secret teachings of Jesus and the discovery of much of the ancient wisdom that Jesus taught that has been lost to us today. We learn about the many “lost books” of the Bible that began to be discovered in the late 1800’s, how this is connected with the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi texts, and how these writings have been changing the face of theological thought. We discover key concepts that Jesus taught that were removed from the Bible by Orthodox “correctorites” who were instructed to edit the original gospels, and we step into discovering the teachings that would have made the world a better place.  These teachings are primarily focused on four primary subjects:

  • Secret Teachings of JesusThe existence of Reincarnation. This doctrine was widely accepted by two of the three sects of Jewish theology and embraced by many schools of wisdom including the philosophies of the Greeks, Romans, Druids, Egyptians, North, South and Central Americans, Polynesians, Persians, and all of the religious paths of the East.  We discover the power and simplicity of what Jesus taught about how Reincarnation is a key part of the key mechanism of enlightenment.
  • Teachings about the Divine Mother known as Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom in Hebrew thought. The Masters knew that God was beyond gender, but that It split Itself into two great expressions: the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Jesus was a great proponent of this wisdom, but these teachings were removed by the Jewish and Roman patriarchy. Here we discover the power of what he said.
  • Compassion for animals, and how animals are also are a part of the Divine Intelligence of God.
  • The knowledge that each one of us has the power to connect with God directly without the need for Priests, Rabbis or spiritual intermediaries. These four simple teachings create a huge course correction. Even today they have the power to bring great healing to our civilizations and to heal the world, if we would only heed this wisdom.


Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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