Webinar: UFO’s

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

UFO’s – History, Legend & Present Encounters

UFO-at-SunsetFour Week Class – $100 for the Series – Each Class is 90 minutes

The existence of UFO’s seen all over the world is not only the stuff of myth and legends, but is now an accepted fact among 70% of the population of the world. This series of classes gives you the ancient and modern day facts about their appearance, interaction with our governments, ancient history and modern day encounters with the strange, the weird and the amazing. Astonishing photographs of real craft and beings visiting our Earth today.

  • UFOs and Ancient Civilizations
  • UFOs in the World Today
  • UFO in America – The History of Cover Up and Secrecy
  • The Twelve ET Races That Seeded the Planet Earth


UFO's and Ancient CivilizationsThe visitation of UFO’s and ET’s has long been a well established fact among many ancient cultures. Native American, African, Aborigine, Mayan, Celt, Egyptian and Chinese cultures all speak of them as the bringers of the foundational arts of civilizations.  They were deeply embedded at the heart of Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman cultures and many of these beings were known as the gods or goddesses of the ancient world. Drawings of these ships exist in Medieval papyruses and tapestries, German woodcuts and etchings, coins minted in France, and the religious paintings of he Middle Ages.

Part One of this amazing presentation focuses on the physical evidence for their repeated encounters with us in the past, including recently discovered artifacts around the Holy Land, hidden pyramids in Bosnia, ship burns in Syria and Jordon, and mountain top bases linked to the gods. This astonishing class focuses on revealing the physical evidence that our world has had contact with beings from the stars for millennium.


ET Grey Alien with peace symbolPart Two moves into the modern day history of UFO encounters all over the world and the extraordinary array of fantastic creatures and space ships that have been captured on film in the past few decades. This includes real photographs of Grey aliens, reptilians, horned human beings, giants, and beings that can be held in the palm of your hand. This startling class gives you proof of the extraordinary and vast variety of documented encounters that prove we are being visited by many different races from a variety of dimensions or worlds today.

It also moves into an examination of how their existence has been leaked into public consciousness through the development of movies and television shows. How some of this reeducation or entertainment has been deliberately skewed, building fear and  misinformation in the general public.

We also ask the very real question, “Are we ready for open contact with these multidimensional beings? How  will it affect our governments and our perception of ourselves in the Universe? How will it transform our world?


Charting the history of US involvement with UFO’s and ET’s since World War II, we travel back in time to learn about the establishment of the MJ-12 by President Truman, and its growth during the Eisenhower administration, through the many years of overt denial in the ’60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. We discover the links between President Eisenhower and John D. Rockefeller, the Holloman landing, the treaties with the Greys that were in place for over four decades, and the dissolving of those alliances. We learn about the Galactic Federation, its contact with the White House, and the wise or unwise decisions made by certain leaders who chose not to disclose the existence of other interplanetary races. We discover the overt information campaigns that were leaked through the Fortune 500 companies in the 1990’s that was preparing us for ET contact, all the way up to the off the books Congressional hearings on Disclosure that were recently held in Washington, D.C.


Tree of Life - Hunab Ku

This secret information, long hidden by the Native American Twisted Hair Society, claims to know of the existence of 12 different Extraterrestrial groups that have been involved with the seeding of our planet. Some of these groups we know of today through the ongoing contacts of contactees like Billy Meir in Switzerland who has had contact with human looking Pleiadians for over 30 years, or the lovely teacher Cisto Paz in South America. who has had contact with benevolent beings from Antares for over three decades.

Many of these groups are highly evolved and have been monitoring our planet for centuries. Some have deliberately landed here and been involved in seeding the planet, acting as teachers for ancient cultures. Other races have crash-landed on Earth and inter-bred with the Natives to survive the harsher rays of our bright yellow Sun. This fascinating journey into the lost history of our planet and the myths, legends and historical evidence for our own complex development as a species, provides great insight into why there are so many different cultures and races living on our planet, side by side. It also gives us insight into the vast potential that exists within each one of us, since we are the melting pot for many races in the galaxy. This potential resides with our multidimensional DNA, and is something can be activated and awakened, if we only claim it.


Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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