Soul Readings

"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

Soul Readings

“It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die,
but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again…
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Soul Matrix readings are an in-depth, comprehensive exploration into the true history of who each one of us truly is at the core level.

An initial reading is usually a profound in-depth journey into some of these long unanswered questions like: When did I first come to Earth? Where and what was I before that I came here? What are the gifts I have acquired throughout my many incarnations? What are the major themes I am working on? Where are my blocks to money, relationships, or creativity?

Who is this person in my life, and what is my karmic connection with them? Who are my soul mates and what are my contracts with them? Where am I in my spiritual evolution? Who are my Spirit Guides and how can I make contact with them? What is my Soul’s purpose in this lifetime and why have I come to Earth? What are the lessons I have already mastered and what am I still working to master now?

These profound readings are not like anything you have ever experienced before. They truly are life changing.

Initial Soul Matrix readings are usually an hour and a half, to 2 hours long. I charge $150 for the first hour, and then $100 for any additional hours ($250), and we highly recommend that you do either a 90 minute sessions or a two hour session for a first reading. It’s worth it!

These readings are also excellent for addressing emotional blocks and challenges, and figuring out how to dissolve or move through them. They are fabulous for tracking both past and present relationships with people close to us: mother, father, husband, wife, children, lover, or simply close personal friends or business partners.

We also specialize in all sorts of assistance on personal creative projects, from new or existing business enterprises, to getting the spiritual “download” for completing your books, personal projects, or even opening up to your greater creative and spiritual abilities.

Just call to make an appointment, or register for one below with Paypal. We will get an email but if you are from out of town, you can send us an email with your phone number so that we can call and make the appointment. Checks and money orders through snail mail are also fine.
We do readings in person, and also over the phone with an appointment. If they are over the phone, we will ask you to send us a small package with three clear photographs of yourself, plus your full name at birth, current name, snail mail address, phone number, email address, birth date, birth place, and if you have it, your birth time. That way we can return everything to you, along with the tape and any astrological pages after the reading. We record all readings on tape and you get the tape.

Clients can also include in their package or when they come in person, up the three other people’s photographs that are near and dear to you. That means that if you want us to track you through time with a dear friend, husband or wife, children or grandparents, prospective lover or business partner, we can do it, as long as the photographic image you send us is strong enough. We strongly prefer film photographs (as opposed to simply digital) because they have silver in the film emulsion, and silver records their Etheric field far more strongly than digital. This helps us track them more easily.

“Every new born being indeed comes fresh and blithe into the new existence, and enjoys it as a free gift… It’s fresh existence is paid for by the old age and death of a worn out existence which has perished, but which contained the indestructible seed out of which the new existence has arisen: they are one being.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

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