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"What lies behind us and what lies before us, is of little value beside what lies within us."

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 “Discovering Your Divine Design”

 A 12 Week On-Line Class

A Live Webinar and Written Program Designed to Help You
Find More Clarity, Power and Purpose in Your Life
One Time Payment of
or 3 Payments of $250 Over 3 Months

yoga girl with flower of lifeEach of us has a purpose – a divine reason that we have come into this world. We can say it is a true calling, a mission, or a passion, but it is a joy that transforms the grind and exhaustion of everyday life into the joy of a song, reaching out to touch and transform the lives of others.

 For some people it may be finally connecting with your creative spark, beginning to write that novel or book, learning how to paint, or starting to sing the song within you. For others it may be performing on stage as an actor, a dancer or a comedian. For some it may be working to help children or the elderly, assist veterans or the handicapped to find a way back into wholeness. For others it may be building a church, a synagogue or mosque, or finally designing that dream house for yourself and your family to live. Some people’s calling is rescuing animals, saving forests, helping others to heal, or opening an organic farm that restores the natural balance of life for millions around the world. Other people are called to open a gym or start a restaurant designed to help people lose weight and feel better about themselves.

 You get the idea. Each of us is different. Powerful. Unique. And the callings of Spirit are diverse because we are immensely creative people. But history shows us that whatever we can dream, we can also achieve.

 Yet why are more people not living into their passion, their joy and their purpose? What stops them from making that leap? The famous novelist James Baldwin once wrote, “When we know from whence we came, there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

 But have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to achieve so much more easily, while others flounder, struggling in a fog of confusion? Many times those who struggle find themselves falling into anxiety, despair and depression. This is why statistics tell us that over 70% of all Americans suffer from these symptoms, and why the suicide rate in America has been steadily climbing for over three decades.

 These statistics are also why I have spoken at conferences around the world for the past twenty years, and why I have worked with over 6000 individual clients to help them gain more clarity and to discover what keeps them from living more fully into their higher purpose. It is also the reason that I’ve written four books, the last of which is subtitled “Discovering Your Divine Purpose.”

 It’s also why I’m launching a new online program in the Winter of 2018 called DISCOVERING YOUR DIVINE DESIGN. This program has many components to it, both on line and through a live webinar, and it extends over a 12 week period, but you will find that you may want to go back and use these tools again and again.

 There is a written online Teaching component that you will be sent over a 12 week period of time. This section has great information, but it also has many fun creative exercises designed to help you figure out what you are passionate about, what you are good at, how you may have gotten derailed from your purpose. Our mission is to discover where the voice of your Inner Muse has been trying to take you all along.

There exercises are also designed to help you examine the deeper reasons behind the flow of events of your life, allowing you to uncover the beliefs that you have acquired as a result of these events. This can be a cause for celebration that is tied into your mission, or it may be the main reasons that you are currently stuck. Discovering these vital pieces that contain the seeds of your past, gives us the power to discover your Karmic-Dharmic Arc. This Arc is the direction that your Soul has been leading you down all along, even though you did not know it.

 There is also a video component to this course where once a week for 12 weeks, I will be teaching you online about the laws that govern our ability to achieve the success we all desire, and to fully step into your purpose, passion, clarity and power.

man in light grid

 In this class you will learn: 

  • The Way that Our Minds Are Structured

  • How Our Subconscious Minds Can Block Us from our True Purpose

  • How We Can Change the Subconscious Mind so that it Aligns with Our Conscious Will

  • How Blocks from the Past Can Short Circuit Our Energies in the Present

  • The Four Major Defense Mechanisms that Sabotage Our Success

  • Four Communication Styles that Will Increase Our Success

  • The PVR Triangle of the Persecutor, Victim and Abuser that Sabotages Our Success

  • The Unique Blueprint for Every Lifetime

  • How to Find Your Blueprint and Read It

  • The Soul Contracts with People, Places or Things that Can Keep Us Bound

  • Ways to Break Through Those Contracts and Free Yourself

  • How to Find Your Passion, Set Your Goals, and Outline Steps to Achieving Them

Students also have the option of scheduling personal consultation sessions with us.
These can fall under several categories:

  • Astrological Readings that spell out the blueprint for the major themes in your life and where you are now in the unfolding of these events.

  • Clairvoyant sessions to help you discover major Soul themes, victories and blocks from the past so that you can clear them in the subconscious.

  • Creative brainstorming consultations around creative projects or books.

  • Goal Setting sessions on priorities and the steps to success.

 Students may choose one, two or even three sessions, depending on their needs and my availability.
These sessions cost $300 for two hours. They are separate, but complimentary to the class.

 Now, we invite you to sign up for our Newsletter and we will let you know about the launch. Once the program launches, we will offer a complimentary one hour session to the first 12 people who register.

 We look forward to co-creating the future with all of you!!



Tricia McCannon: Mysteries Expert

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